Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06

  • RT @grifferz "don't leave pumps unattended bp…" #
  • Wondering why my neighbours would willingly spread what smells like rotting silage on their garden. #
  • Treasure island is nearly empty. Shocked to find space in the car park. Perhaps this is a hint we should be outside #
  • I appear to be teaching Rowan new words. "Bollocks" – a word to be said after you tread on dog poo. #
  • The bad thing about falling asleep with the toddler is waking up a couple of hours later and needing to wash up. :-/ #
  • Thanks for the YESSSL promo code GoDaddy 🙂 (SSL cert for $15 all in for one year…) #
  • White chocolate cookies, because they're healthier than the others….. #
  • Move over cakes, it's an ice cream only office till autumn. Hmm cakes with ice cream inside – best of both worlds perhaps? #healthyeating #
  • RT @GeneHunt I'm just a social drinker, every time someone says, 'I'll have a drink'. I say, 'Social I.' #
  • RT @GeneHunt Threw my Hoover out last week – it was only gathering dust. #
  • Falling asleep with Rowan and then waking up at 22:00 wasn't a good idea. But have moved to level 15 on TDPE2 … (PerhapsAShadyTree.aspx) #
  • Found a 2+ year old bug in legacy code today. > instead of == ….. *sigh* ( bug in inherited code ) #
  • New employee set off the building burglar alarm when trying to leave. Haha. I clearly suck at inductions. #
  • Late night toddler feast. Cannibalism FTW. #
  • That was a shit run. Body seems to be rebelling (left hip, stomach etc). #

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