Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-30

  • (running is probably a better idea than spending the rest of the day playing half life 2… ) #
  • Lets try Bromsgrove to Droitwich with some canal – 20 miles – … run fatty run #
  • Cooling down, ready for ice skating. #
  • I've been good and registered my phone + laptop at (to help the plod reunite me in the event of theft) #
  • RT @plc: "An Apple store was burgled with over £10,000 of goods stolen. The police are confident they'll be able to find both computers." #
  • Electric meter replaced; book read; perhaps i should pretend to work now (aka buy a mobile phone) #
  • About to get bitten by vampires (giving blood) #
  • Hmm. 4square crashes 4 times in a row as I try to claim Costa coffee. #conspiracy #
  • What's the dog trying to tell me when he turns off my computer ? #
  • Happy my neighbour has mowed my lawn. Odd she hasn't done all of hers though. #
  • I know now what it's like for a chicken when it's put in the oven. #
  • That was a nice pasty. Perhaps I should come to pershore more often. #
  • Come on the m5. #
  • I can wear shorts and t-shirt to/at/from work. Enjoy wearing your suits suckers. #

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