Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

  • Tcp over Dns seems a success – just slow, really slow. 33kbps old skopl slow. Hurry up bethere I want those 10mbps #
  • And no real golf involved either in last tweet. Not sure I'll visit all the watering holes. Getting to 3 holes would make me happy. #
  • Beer and running don't mix too well. At least I avoided the drinking games. 9 hole golf next weekend #bromsgrove #hockey #
  • Beer and skittles. Not too interested in the skittles part tbh. #hockey #bromsgrove #
  • What's with all the little hot air balloons people seen intent on launching at night? #lazyweb #
  • Nealry walked into some idiot who was too absorbed in his phone. Muppet….. *ahem* #
  • Dog picked up by someone and now in evenjobb. *sigh*. #
  • All aboard the toddler train! #
  • finds his dad drinking coffee on Google street view #
  • Set up -initial 'test' appears to show it working; hope it saves me from being screwed in the future #
  • Discovered perl's quotemeta() and php's preg_quote() …. Wondering how it's taken so long for me to realise they exist! #
  • Notes a darkening sky and that he has no coat. This could be sub optimal. #
  • I think patch wants to be nocturnal. #
  • Off to hockey #bromsgrove #
  • Congratulates @moobert on purchasing tolberone cookies from @asda nom nom nom nom #
  • Step 1: Chocolate, Beer and Pizza. Step 2: …. Step 3: Sleep #
  • Office game of the day – #
  • Today looks like it'll be busy. #
  • Today has been more productive… Next up #phpwm zend form etc #zf #
  • I think a long hard sweaty morning fu^h^hrun is needed. Toodle-pip. #
  • Despite sending essays via SMS lately (or so it seems) I've still got 292 left to cover 9 days. Now who do I annoy next…. :-> #
  • Most unproductive day ever. Meh. #
  • Wasted 2 minutes of my life – went to MySpace; eventually remembered login details; realised it's still crap -> closing the browser window. #

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