Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-07

  • Sweet. The now show is back. Good times. #nowshow #radio4 #BBC #
  • Lovely run up Lickey hill; – 7:45mins/mile; 12.57 miles. Now to eat breakfast and visit/annoy @carolinegoodwin #
  • Congratulations Rowan. You've slept well. Don't rush to get up; I don't mind. When you do wake, we'll eventually go and have Lots of fun. #
  • My ankle seems worse this morning. Time to wear boots :-/ #
  • Hockey good. Left ankle not so good. Feels f–ked and swelling. Boo. #
  • Hockey time. #bromsgrove At least it's dry #
  • I seem to be in a good mood today; a welcome change. Hockey tonight, Dead mech podcast to listen to, new ear phones and a sunny day. #
  • I seem to be in a good mood today; a welcome change. Hockey tonight too #
  • Interesting day. Hyper toddler. Poor patch. #
  • Signed up to the #dyfienduro – #474 Perhaps I need to do some cycling now. Or not. #
  • fixed – silly rinetd and so on. Perhaps I ought to do some /paying/ work today…. #
  • It's probably a good thing i haven't got recording what I listen to on my iPhone. Guns and roses estranged would be top. #
  • Surprise surprise galaxy chocolate is now the same price in @asda as poundland. £1 for 125g. Was £1.26 in asda. #
  • Lovely sunny morning in bromsgrove – one of the rare times I miss farming. #

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