Knill Nash Dash (2009; 8 mile XC run)

The Knill Nash Dash is an 8ish mile cross country run which happens to go through my family’s farm and so on… so as per last year, I did it again this year.

Thankfully the weather was much better this year – last year they wouldn’t let us go through the river crossings – this year they were mandatory. Last year, I was sliding around in the mud – this year the route was dry and much better.

Anyway, I came 7th (I think) with a time of 1 hour 5 minutes. Perhaps with slightly better timing towards the end I could have made one of 4th, 5th or 6th… as I was in 4th on the final ascent.

The course was well marshalled, of interesting terrain and the event itself was very well organised (thanks to the Presteigne Pacers).

My iphone sort of plotted the route as this

Anyway – I enjoyed it. My watch heart monitor thing thinks I used 1100 kcal. When ever I looked at it, it was flashing at me telling me my heart rate was too high (170+) … stupid thing… unfortunately I failed to stop it properly at the end so I lost my average heart beat – which would have been interesting.

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