Good bye Drupal

I’ve finally had enough of Drupal and it’s crap PostgreSQL support… so I’ve moved my blog to WordPress. Yes, there is irony in that WordPress doesn’t support PostgreSQL.

Well, at least WordPress gets tested, and appears to work.

Now to add some semblance of content and other stuff.


  1. Yes, there’s a real irony. You are switching to something without PostgreSQL support and, even worse, with an very “interesting” security history. (IMHO wordpress is a big security problem with some blog code around it πŸ˜‰

    What about using Serendipity ( It is ways more secure – and also has PostgreSQL support…

  2. Christian….

    WordPress has a lot of plugins and themes – and presumably leads the Market.

    Drupal was always requiring some time – in terms of comment moderation, upgrades and most modules don’t work very well with postgresql. I’ve finally had enough and would rather spend my time doing other things ….

    Yes, I know wordpress is well targetted by cracker hackers, but wordpress do seem quite quick in releasing patches.

    Oh, and the ease of module installation etc is good too

  3. I guess you mean “there is irony in that Drupal doesn’t support PostgreSQL.” Why don’t you convert the database to mysql?

  4. Windows also leads the market – does this make it the best OS? πŸ˜‰ *SCNR*

    There are also lots of themes and plugins for serendipity, and installing of plugins basically means one click (keyword: spartacus). Oh, and you can even save some time by (nearly) not needing to install security updates πŸ˜‰

    I won’t (and can’t) force you to use serendipity, however I think it’s much better than wordpress.

    BTW: Serendipity has good import filters for lots of other blog software (including wordpress) and can also import RSS feeds (might be an option to import your old drupal content).

  5. drupal evangelist – no – I’m well aware that drupal should support PostgreSQL – I’ve been living with it’s poor compatibility for the last few years… I know that if I pick a random plugin/module to install there’s about a 60% chance it will not function without some sort of error occurring (sql syntax etc).

    The irony is that in being fed up with Drupal, I’m moving to something that only supports MySQL….

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