TP-Link HS110 – controlling from the command line

I have a TP-Link HS110 plug (probably identical to the HS100 … but I thought being able to query it through the app to find out energy usage would be neat …).

Anyway, it originally didn’t seem to let me schedule it through the app, so I dug around and wrote a crap shell script I can prod via cron.

Usage examples:

1. -u -p mypassword -o off -> turns the first device found off.
2. -u -p mypassword -o on -> turns the first device found on.
3. -u -p mypassword -d TpLinkDeviceId -o on -> now for a specific device.
4. -u …. -p …. -d “?” -> dumps device list output …
5. -t tpLinktoken -d DeviceId -o on|off …

Code / download

Arduino lights etc.

One day I’ll give up on the illusion that I actually might post something useful here.

Thanks to MonkeySailor. over Christmas I did had an Arduino and some lights.

But there are loads of tutorials for it (like: ) , so there’s no point in me trying to document it.

Perhaps it’s time for the shed to have some nice lighting. Or to investigate a Raspberry PI.