systemd-resolve (DNS is always to blame)

For the record, this is using systemd v247, from Debian’s buster-backports.

I think I was enticed by the cool aid, hoping to be able to have DNSSEC or DNSoverTLS …. and caching … and to be fair, it appeared to work on all the servers I’d installed it on (although they were just ‘boring’ LAMP style webservers).

Anyway, everything seemed to be going well, with the default /etc/resolv.conf like :


options edns0

and /etc/systemd/resolved.conf looking like :


Unfortunately, on one relatively busy server which makes multiple HTTP requests out every second, I saw sporadic failures where curl would report a timeout for e.g. (>10 connect time).

The timeouts seemed to be grouped together (no timeouts for a number of hours, and then a load of requests would fail) and obviously to be annoying this only happened in production and wasn’t something I could reproduce.

As best I can tell, a failure to lookup was being cached, so all requests for a specific hostname would then fail until the cache expired (30 seconds?)

So I end up having /etc/resolv.conf looking a bit more like a traditional one with as the first nameserver and some custom options to lower the retry time and hopefully trigger multiple DNS lookup attempts.

So, perhaps …. perhaps … systemd-resolve isn’t quite ready for production yet?



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