docker proxy image download

Docker doesn’t like me for some reason, and I often get really bad download speeds from my home IP address.

One crude fix, is use an external server I can access as a SOCKS proxy.
To do so, edit / create /etc/systemd/system/docker.service.d/http-proxy.conf and put in it :


Then, restart/reload systemd ( systemctl daemon-reload ; service docker restart )

Then, setup your socks tunnel using some remote server you have SSH access on –

ssh -D 8888 david@some.remote.server

Hopefully now when you do a ‘docker-compose up‘ it won’t take forever.

A crude way of speed testing it, is to try running this bash snippet :

token=$(curl "" | jq -r .token)

curl -v -H "Authorization: Bearer $token" -L > /dev/null



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