Intel NUC6i7KYK with Debian Jessie

Random notes from installing Linux on it … it does just work – but ….

Don’t forget to update the BIOSĀ  …. there are loads of oldish threads on the Intel support forum with people having problems.

The DisplayPort MST ‘hub’ I used with my older Haswell based NUC is no longer any good for driving multiple monitors – instead to you need to use all three outputs on the NUC itself –

  • HDMI,
  • DisplayPort and
  • Thunderbolt/USB-c

(one per monitor).

Which is a bit of a pain but does mean I use one less electrical adapter/plug.

(A USB-C to HDMI cable does just work at least).


Surprisingly, unscientific benchmarks from doing a Linux kernel compile (make -j6 ) show it’s not hugely quicker than an elderly i5 (3rd gen) I have (15 minutes vs 17 minutes).

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