Automated twitter compilation up to 01 March 2013

Arbitrary tweets made by TheGingerDog (i.e. David Goodwin) up to 01 March 2013

  • Why do all network file systems suck so much?
  • To do list : 1) benchmark NFS clients to stop the minions moaning at work. 2) phpunit + spell check generated html. “Hygine” FTW!
  • I suppose I’d better stare at the women doing water-robics or something.
  • Check out the #zombiesrun profile for GingerDog
  • RT @phpclasses: PHP Job: Software Engineer (Mobile) (telecommute)
  • Apparently generating SSH key pairs is too difficult for someone who claims to be a programmer. *sigh*
  • At the dentists again.
  • The boss of Iceland comes across as a tit in one clip on the BBC news website. #horse #fail
  • Scientific tests have shown it is possible to eat too much chocolate :-/
  • Today I’m 22. Sort of. 0x22.
  • Coo. All clear. For now. #AtLeastMyBloodIsRed
  • Stupid nose. Stop bleeding! I know I ran for 30 mins after it started. But even so …. Soldering iron welcome #DIYMedicine
  • For the purposes of science (content testing and to ensure they’re horse free) … (I blame @moreteadoctor )
  • Going running has become fun after using @ZombiesRunGame … Not sure what my character is going to do with all the underwear he’s found 🙂
  • RT @mikko: TV Emergency Alert System in Montana hacked to interrupt the broadcast, warning that the dead are rising from graves: http:// …
  • RT @DrunkRogue68: Resignation refused I think as lightning strikes St Peter’s Basilica as Pope resigns
  • 3/10 b60 #uksnow thin layer. Sticking. Falling reasonably well.
  • The trees and things outside are covered in a thin layer of dandruff again. I must remember to buy some better shampoo….
  • Perhaps I’ll stop listening to soon … one day…. #Groovelectric
  • It doesn’t seem ideal weather for kite flying.
  • So far this morning – “… You’re not a real [monster,] dad” and “you’re not a proper grown up!”. #children #noParentingBadgesForMe
  • Weee… faster broadband (~18mbit) is appreciated @BeBroadband … but where’s your FTTC ?
  • BeThere (ISP) are offering to renew my ADSL for £18/month (saving £4). Yet they have it half price (£11/month) on their front page. Hmm.
  • It’s tempting to answer the PPI phone calls / texts – just to waste their time / money.
  • RT @StackParenting: Should you let a toddler win? #toddler
  • I wish I hadn’t started making a work related to do list. It keeps growing. 🙁

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