A few months with a Nexus 4

So, I’ve had a Nexus 4 for a while now … here’s some findings :

  1. The phone is symmetrical (or very close to it) – so I often pick it up the wrong way around – at least with an iPhone there was a button at the bottom which acts as an easy to feel guide so you can pick it up correctly in the dark. Adding a case to it helped.
  2. You need a bumper/case for it… mine cost £3 on Amazon or something … without one it’s too slippery/slides off everything.
  3. The battery life is both good and bad – while not in use, it lasts ages; but it has a big screen – so playing games or watching Netflix on it, will really kill the battery. I’m using Battery Widget Reborn – which does a great job at turning wifi/sound/gps etc all off overnight which helps a bit.
  4. I came to use the Nexus 4 from using an iPhone – my main like is widgets – having something that updates in real time on your desktop (why did the iOS weather app never display today’s symbol?) is great.
  5. I miss having a count of notification numbers next to the launch icons.
  6. I kind of miss iMessage – in so far, as I wish Google had something similar. At the moment there is gtalk, google plus chat (or something) …. which don’t seem to be totally integrated … and I have to supplement this with WhatsApp which not all that many people use (here’s hoping for Google Babble)
  7. I wish the Bluetooth integration was better – not being able to see track names etc on the £30 Sony MW600 thing I bought kind of sucks. I’m fairly sure that if my car was good enough to have a bluetooth capable radio, then I wouldn’t see any track names from it either :-/
  8. I like Navigation – I’ve used this a number of times and it does a good job. If only I could make it’s voice louder though. Perhaps this is why I need a car radio with blue teeth.
  9. I’ve not noticed that I’m missing any apps from iOS which aren’t available on Android – but I suspect I only regularly use ~10 (k9 mail, world war, twitter, whatsapp, bbc news, facebook, gallery, nagios, kashdroid, ZombieRun!).
  10. The screen is a little too big to use it with only one hand.


  1. I’ve had mine for about the same time. I totally agree with 1,3,8,10 and probably need to do 2. I didn’t come from an iPhone, so didn’t really notice 4, 5, 6, 9, but there were rumours today of Google integrating all of their current messaging options into “Google Babble”. Don’t currently use bluetooth, so can’t comment on 7.

  2. Bumper case wise – Alan Pope has just had a £100-replace-the-screen-bill with his Nexus 4 – and I think was without it for a few weeks…

    I’ve dropped my phone a few times now and it’s escaped unhurt – so perhaps the crappy case I have is sufficient.

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