Wanted: Developer with interesting skills…. oh, and it’s for the minimum wage… (Is this a joke?)

Recently on the Twitter the following (attached) image came up – presumably legit, of a job advert. Highlights below. It’s almost like someone cut and pasted two job postings together. The phone number does appear to be legit … so perhaps the advert itself is?

Summary –

Salary: £6.19/hour

Hours: 48/week

Business: Car Park / Car Parts Sales

Worktime: 12 hour night shifts

Job Duties:

  • ……
  • Build and develop websites ….
  • SEO stuff …
  • design leaflets/posters …
  • maintain ebay shop …
  • Night security and running of a multi-storey car park.
  • ….

Qualifications / experience :

  • Qualification in interactive web design
  • Strong Literacy
  • Essential – <<normal bullshit from recruiter – excellent problem solving / analytical skills / communication / interpersonal / attention to detail>>
  • Knowledge of car engine parts would be advantageous.


Whatever next?


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