Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-20

  • Bromsgrove hockey 3xi vs Old Wulfs. Lost 11-2. #
  • I'll never grow up…. (thanks @carolinegoodwin) #
  • I'm sure that drinking one more beer will beat this cold into submission … #science #alcohol #germs #
  • Ping me on @pingchat at ID: david-goodwin – Send text, photos, videos, and other media to my phone for free! #
  • “@madeupstats: 40% of foreigners are racists*.

    *Source: BNP” #

  • Yep, as predicted, Ann Summers are making the most of 'The Year of the Rabbit'. #
  • …. Answer: soft play place. #
  • Three guesses for what a "children's experience centre" is….. #
  • 0b100000 aka 0x20 aka 2^5 aka 32. #
  • “@madeupstats: David Cameron isn't out of touch: A third of his closest friends are unemployed (Heirs and landowners, mostly)” #
  • Customer offered to pay me in beer. I declined, but he's still sending a case through. Result! #
  • Walking. It's so slow. #iMissMyBike #
  • The chain just snapped on my bike 🙁 It's only ~1 month old. Decathlon–
    Luckily I was just arriving at my destination. *sigh*. #
  • “@birminghampost: Worcester hospital pays compensation to parents of stillborn baby " #
  • A mouse took a walk in a deep dark wood. A fox saw the mouse, and the mouse looked good….. "come and have tea in my underground house"… #

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