State of the union – sort of (my 2011).

Well, perhaps not quite a State of the Union Address, but here’s a random update on my life in general which perhaps sums up the last year (as we’re almost at the end of the year, it’s probably fitting I somehow, somewhere write something like this).

  • My children (Rowan and Anya) are both growing up rather too quickly. Anya’s about 18 months old, walking and almost talking (‘tree’, ‘cat’, ‘that’, ‘tasty’, ‘mum’, ‘daddy’ and so on) while Rowan (~4) is busy playing/asking questions/learning to write/bashing things with hammers and so on. As far as we can tell they’re unaffected by Katherine and I splitting up. I’m lucky to be able to see them regularly (4 times a week) and usually ‘good enough’ for hugs and cuddles after they fall over / chuck up or whatever depending on the star alignment or who ever told them off most recently…..
  • Pale Purple (work) wise – everything’s going well, we’re busy, have plenty of work lined up over the next few months and there are a number of interesting projects almost ready to start. Over the last year there has been a distinct increase in the amount of development we’re doing in mobile applications – specifically towards Android and business apps (e.g. for a delivery driver to use to see what jobs they have to do – rather than the traditional Microsoft Windows CE based thing). PHP is still the main focus of the company with other supplementary bits (training, security audits, systems administration and so on). We took on an industrial year student this year – so there are currently five of us full time.
  • I’ve moved house – so I no longer live in a one bedroom flat which was always cold [no central heating]. Now I’m in a 2 up, 2 down house like thing, so the children can have their own bedroom, or spread their toys over a wider area. Soon there will be a trip to Ikea and they’ll have a bunk bed and random other things no doubt.
  • I still run / cycle / exercise – although not as much as I might like to. Mr Patch, the Jack Russell, went to live with my aunt at the beginning of the year (I think?!) – where he’s apparently behaving well, and has become somewhat wider; likewise his absence here is partly to blame for my weight gain – but conversely not having him makes looking after the children / work / jetting off to Spain (I can’t think why…) so much easier.
This post was brought to you by two great bottles of beer from MyBreweryTap, who happen to be a customer of mine – and subscribed me to their 52 bottles a year package for free. “A++++ will drink their stuff again!” as people would say on eBay!
Enjoy 2012 readers. I don’t know what things will be like by the end of the year, but I’m pretty optimistic at the moment.

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