Ebuyer & ParcelForce – a story in how not to treat your customer

5-6 weeks ago ago I ordered two 24″ widescreen monitors from EBuyer – when the ParcelForce guy delivered them I told him I expected 2, and there was only one delivered. He walked off. I presumed that the other would arrive the next day or something… but it didn’t.

while(true) {
     David.ContactsEBuyerViaStupidENoteSystem(‘rah rah rah where is my missing monitor?’);
     EBuyer.replies(‘We’re checking ‘ + excuse.random([‘Warehouse’, ‘Parcel Force’]) + ‘ and apologise … blah blah blah’);
5-6 weeks later, there is no sight of the monitor….
Not impressed.


  1. Have they charged you for one or both? If both, I’d be tempted to do a chargeback through your bank, or cancel the order.

  2. I paid via Google Checkout – so I’m not quite sure how I’d go about doing a ChargeBack (as Google Checkout links through to a Visa Debit card…)

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