Verified by Visa …. what rubbish

On Wednesday I was trying to buy train tickets for an upcoming trip to London.

So, I book the tickets, and get to point of being asked for my card details … tap tap tap … kapow … Up comes the Verified by Visa payment screen (in a stupid iframe [how do I know this isn’t a phishing site?]). Well, it displays my ‘username’ correctly – a terrificly hard to guess one of MRDAVIDGOODWIN… I enter my details and it keeps decling them. Hmm.. Fine… perhaps I’ve incorrectly stored the password – “oooh look – reset password…” *click* – “You want me to enter my date of birth… is that the ONLY security check you’re going to do? WTF??? ”

Grr.. Why do they bother….

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3 replies on “Verified by Visa …. what rubbish”

Mmm I see a money making ploy here… I know your date of birth! I know your mother’s maiden name, the name of your first pet and school.
Kerching! ££££!

Candy – exactly. And so perhaps does half the world thanks to the like of facebook / social networking etc.

I’m just worried what the ‘vampire’ application will use all the data it had access to from people’s profiles for!

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