Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25

  • Morrisons. You are the worst supermarket ever. Let me buy single bananas. #
  • Even with an iPhone and google maps etc I got lost around Bentley / webheath. #amireallyawoman #mapreadingfail #
  • Cycled to arrow valley park (redditch) and back, via lickey hill (out) and cycle route 5 on the way back….. #
  • Cycling with a dead weight toddler in a rear seat is hard. This might have to become a regular routine. #
  • Toddler cycling day (well I'm cycling, he's along for the ride) #
  • Hmm. Apple case app crashed my phone. Great. Shame there aren't more pictures or info provided to help me choose #iPhone4 #case #
  • Wish subversion would let me revert line ranges within a file so I can easily avoid committing whitespace changes etc. #svn #
  • FOOL WOMEN into thinking their opinions are valued by nodding occasionally and saying 'mmm' /via @VizTopTips #
  • Say the word and I'll be gone. Say the word and I'll be gone forever, and ever. #
  • Yey. Query time reduced from 2.5 seconds to 0 seconds. And a happy customer soon. #
  • #

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