Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-11

  • BBQ time ! #
  • Timberhonger 10k race tomorrow; here's to hoping my legs are up to it. #bromsgrove #10km #run #
  • A woman says she's uncomfortable watching you wank. You A: need more time together B: she's a prude C: Tell her to sit elsewhere on the bus. #
  • I`m getting sick of these Tyneside gunman jokes. They`re not even raoulmoatly funny. #
  • Postfixadmin 2.3.1 live; .rpms and .debs etc; see – virtual mail domain admin tool for postfix #php #mail #isp #
  • Turned on the radio to kerrang. Toddler demanded we danced. Fun times. Shame the radio reverted to talking after the song. #
  • Ooh. Thanks John truslove. Two potential offices to view 🙂 bromsgrove ftw 😉 #
  • Bromsgrove … Where are the decent offices hidden.? Room for 4-5 required. #
  • Postfixadmin release 2.3.1 is almost here. #postfix #linux #sysadmin #
  • Paddy tells Mick he`s thinkin of buying a labrador. "F___ off" says Mick, "have you seen how many of their owners go blind?" #joke #
  • Women! They just don't have a sense of humour. The wife didn`t find it nearly as funny as I, when I replaced her tampon with a party popper! #
  • OH: "website ______ is crap it has BNP images in it…. " (I heard bnp, he did say bmp). #
  • I quite like my jabphone 4 but cant help think it's a bit like the emperors new clothes. Wish orange would port my number too. #iphone4 #
  • The estate has a scrap man who drives around in an ex-BT transit van. Failure on so many levels, and let's not mention his 'jingle' #
  • Sweet. Phone didn't loose 3G coverage walking home. Suck on that o2, orange ftw. #
  • Come on orange. Finish porting my number. #
  • Twitterific on my new phone seems to be having a bad day wrt authentication #
  • RT @CalEvans: #rofl Rasmus has the patience of Job. #php /via @akrabat #

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