Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

  • pondering a long run tomorrow – – 19.3 miles. Hope the weather's ok. #
  • UK Drivers – when on the motorway, if there is adequate space on your left, pull over and let those behind through. #fsckingBMWidiotontheM6 #
  • All stop. M42….. #
  • Only 8 hours in the car today. 'should' have been closer to 4 hours. #couldhavecycledtherequicker #
  • Uh oh. Snow! Cold fluffy snow. We can't go over it, we can't go under it. We've got to go through it. #
  • I've noticed that when I turn the car off, the traffic starts to move again. Git driving past in the field. *jealous*. 2 miles in 2 hours 🙁 #
  • Hmm slow slow slow #
  • Engine off. Handbrake on. Stupid m1. #
  • Spice valley, bromsgrove – nice food, shame about the lack of baby / toddler facilities. One of the better local curry houses at least. #
  • Silly cron, you really shouldn't run cron.d files which are chmod'ed 000. Oh well one mystery solved at least. #debian #bug #lenny #
  • .@Bendihossan nah. I'm cheap, dirty and run an interpreted language like php. Nat evolution not intelligent design ftw 🙂 I'd silently fail in reply to Bendihossan #
  • Soon I shall be 11111. Go me! (overflow error next year, or hardware upgrade?) #
  • It's cold. Specks of snow falling. But I Think it's not going to be a White birthday tomorrow … Boo #
  • "…. then bake mysterious things" #cake #ftw #
  • Garage: "We can't work on your car until it's been valeted", they did drill a hole in the boot (bye water) and give it two new tires… #
  • Guess I'd better give this sleep thing another try. In other news, the car interior might dry up after tomorrow (yey!) #
  • spent the morning debugging Python, stupid variable casting requirement…. #

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