Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-10

  • Snowing. B61. 2/10 #
  • Feast lodge, bromsgrove: Don't bother. Food better at Johns mega balti. Take away fail. How can you screw up naan bread ffs? #
  • Entered the Shakespeare marathon (April 28ish). #Stratford #running #marathon #
  • I sometimes wish my toddler was a camel. Then he might not wake at 5am to demand food. #
  • Tried the thick winter duvet last night for the first time this year. I was too hot in, and any parts sticking out froze. #fail #
  • Bacon and salad baguette. Nom nom. Mince pie. Nom nom. Caramel shortbread. Nom nom. </lunch> #
  • 20 pressups. Surprised i could do that many. Prob need to work on breathing. #
  • Pondering doing the 100 pressups thing. Iphone app purchased. Step 1 done. #
  • I (well technically work) bought windows 7 professional today. First windows I've bought since win2k 10(?) years ago. #
  • couchdb is behaving itself now; 3 node continuous replication works well. #
  • Not impressed with couchdb on Karmic 🙁 Can't stop it (crap init script?); can't tell couchdb to listen on a different IP #fail #ubuntu #
  • Facebook iPhone app finally does push notificatons too it seems. #
  • Facebook iPhone app now does contact picture syncing. Seems to have missed a few people in the sync. #facebook #iPhone #
  • Perhaps i should find some smashing pumpkins to listen to on my iphone. GnR's Get In the Ring seems to be the highlight of my day so far :-/ #
  • *wishes he could be sledging / throwing snow at Rachel etc* #
  • 13th june. Mtb enduro event. Kington, Herefordshire. Excellent route. Shame I can't do it – kat's due on 11th 🙁 #
  • Don't panic – IPhone works again after holding both buttons for 10+ seconds. Catastrophe averted. #
  • RT @steve_parkes RT @mezzle: @fzzpop #hack <– Awesomest machine ever. Homer Simpson button presser? #
  • Hooray. Sledging here I come. First time in 10+ years. It's good being the boss #
  • Snow snow 🙂 #uksnow b61 10/10 🙂 #
  • Snow is falling. B61 #uksnow 1/10 #
  • Hmm snow. Sledges. Perhaps. #
  • Surprised no one has tweeted about the google homepage and it's falling apple. Is this a new feature, or old hat that's now boring? #google #
  • I <3 Chrome; it seems so much more responsive and more nimble than fat Firefox. Shame it lacks extensions though. #
  • At least I got to run merrily past all the poor people in cars going back to work – queuing on the Birmingham road :). So long suckers. #
  • Hat, gloves, traccy trousers (no shorts) and two top layers. Just about warm enough running. Weather app thinks -5 to -7'c. #ukcold b61 #
  • Good walk around Dodford in circles getting lost this afternoon. Shame it was so cold – Rowan suffered 🙁 #
  • Some stupid American keeps trying to retrieve the password for gingerdog@gmail. FFS it's not yours. Stop using it for airmiles & shopping #

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