100 press-ups (or push-ups if you’re american)

I thought I’d better exercise more than just my legs for once, and the 100 Pushups challenge caught my eye. In school I used to do 30 press ups each night; over the last few years there have been a few instances when my arms felt weak and puny.

So, seeing as how I’m supposed to make a new years resolution, I thought I’d start on this.

Day 0 : See how many I can do. Wasn’t sure whether I should do them all at once, or stop, breathe and then carry on… or what

Day 1 : Did something like : 10, 12, 7, 7, 12 with a one minute rest in-between them all.

If I’m allowed a 1 minute rest between each set, surely it’s pretty easy to get to 100? A random search on Twitter shows some people going somewhere beyond 100 too. Hmm… Do I stop when I get to 100, or when I get to 6 weeks? It does seem a bit easy if I’m pretty much half way there already (48).

Rowan found it funny watching me bounce up and down on the floor this morning anyway. Think I’ve sorted my breathing out too.


  1. RTFM – you’re supposed to just do as many as you can in one set, without a break, and collapse

    And you’re so not halfway there. When I did this, I got as far as being able to do about 90-odd in the sets specified, but was WAY off being able to do 100 in one set. That’s the target, to be able to do 100 in one set, continuous.

    Go to the back of the class.

  2. Yes sir :-/

    I suppose my grumbling is more of a complaint about the iphone app – it wasn’t explicit (well, it didn’t give any instructions!).

    Arms nearly stopped aching now… ready for tomorrow 🙂

  3. I can just about manage 15-20 but then fail. Sadly I can see it taking 6 months to fix that.

    Why does being meaty have to be so hard? Being a weakling is so much less effort!

  4. Indeed 🙂 For the last 8 years I’ve totally neglected my upper body strength – and was starting to feel like a weakling when moving furniture etc around… I thought (with new years etc and the discovery of the particular iphone app/program) it was worth fixing that… or giving it a go anyway.

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