Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-27

  • I appear to be tweaking. #
  • And we're back home. As I'm sure everyone will be fascinated to know. Joy. (who stole all the #uksnow ?!?) #
  • Operation keep @thegingerdog awake with coke taste test: regular – ok, diet – yuck, diet citrus – horse semen would prob taste better. #
  • No tcx078l you may not have your luggage. Pls wait more now. #
  • Waiting to board. Rowan seems determined to remain awake. Grr #
  • My last siesta, during which I dreamt of crocodiles daddy! (toddler) (dangerous sand croc) #
  • Festive sandcastle in st Agustin #
  • .@chairmummiaow says I'm turning into my father in law. Perhaps I need to work on the beer gut etc though. #
  • Rowan now greets people with 'hola'. He's doing better than me – "two please…. TWO PLEASE… Thanks!" #
  • Xmas nearly over. Toddler nearly asleep. Beach tomorrow and then eventually home. I miss my bed. Won't miss the bitey insect things. #
  • Getting sun burnt. Day trip a partial failure as there is f. All to do in this town and a v bored toddler. Boat trip cancelled (bad weather) #
  • At Mogan market. Can we barter. Errr no. #
  • Can you hide your feet? #
  • Park done. Lots of animals seen. Lovely scenery / setting. Tourist tat bought for toddles and nieces #
  • I can't sleep… I can't talk…. Feeling hot, hot. hot…. either sunburnt face or virus :-/ palmitos park today – #
  • #Mtb – Good route but guide/group slow. Fed up braking. Mud scared them. Heavy rain made for interesting journey. #
  • Surprised how little bandwidth Twitter /fb/email are using. Must use iPhone more to get value from o2. £50 for 50mb :/. Used ~15mb so far. #
  • On bus, waiting for them to pick up other mtb'ers. Why was I the first? :-/ off to different route, like I care / know any different. #
  • Crossing fingers and hoping I can go
    Mountain biking tomorrow. Got NO kit with me, so I'll suffer and be uncomfortable. Weather permitting!! #
  • Post cards sent, toddler asleep. Weather lovely (sun, warm, wind). To the beach with the sand eater later I think. #
  • I eat sand. Nom nom. The parents couldn't stop laughing. #
  • After 2.5 hours of flying, we finally had this thankfullyhe slept to landing despite other kids screams on descent #
  • Fyi parents – I like ice cream, but only with sprinkles AND only from mummy's bowl. #

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