Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-13

  • /me hopes tonight is peaceful and uninterrupted. #
  • The toddler lost the battle. Now what do I so with no earphones on the sofa with him asleep on me? #
  • Rowan isn't too keen on the idea of sleeping :-/ #
  • Interesting 2 days training the devs behind the BBC's glow javascript library in php / zend framework etc. Now home for the weekend 🙂 #
  • Stupid woman. Trying to pay for the bus with an inadequate supply of what seems to ve 5p coins. #
  • I wish $idiot would stop trying to recover the password for gingerdog @ gmail. While I'm at it – stop using my address to signup to stuff. #
  • Well that rocked. Thanks dominion theatre and cast 🙂 #
  • We will, we will…. Rock you. (waiting for the performance to start) #
  • Well I jumped into the river, too many times to make it home, I'm here on my own, drifting all alone….. #gnr #
  • Fuckit – water bottle has leaked in my bag; laptop + adaptor appears to have escaped TFFT. 2nd time for this to happen. Had better learn! #
  • Support call with mr paranoid cookie hater *sigh*. #
  • s/Firefox/Chromium/g perhaps…. seems much quicker at least, and now has required extensions. Shame it didn't import passwords from FF. #
  • Wonders if anyone on bromsgrove freecycle passed GCSE English. #
  • My nose should win an award for the volume, various colours,range of consistencies and stamina in snot production. #fedup #wanttransplant #
  • Well at least rowan seems awake and happy this morning. #
  • My iPhone is only 4(?) months old yet the case is cracked. Think I need to encase it in something rigid. #
  • I hate post office queues #
  • Right own up! Who gave Rowan speed? He's been hyper hyper super hyper toddler since being home from nursery. #
  • Think I, or bromsgrove missed some heavy rain today. No great loss. #
  • iPhone gun app discovered. Suspect we may not get to use our phones much when we next see the nieces. (literal) Banana gun vs bazooka…. #
  • Good episode of stargate universe (s1e10). #

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