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Random notes from installing postfixadmin 2.3 deb

Server: Debian Lenny

Installed .deb from here

# wget
# dpkg -i postfixadmin_2.3_all.deb
... dpkg moans about missing dependencies
Selecting previously deselected package postfixadmin.(Reading database ... 38632 files and directories currently installed.)Unpacking postfixadmin (from postfixadmin_2.3_all.deb) ...dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of postfixadmin: postfixadmin depends on dbconfig-common; however:  Package dbconfig-common is not installed. postfixadmin depends on wwwconfig-common; however:  Package wwwconfig-common is not installed. postfixadmin depends on php5-imap; however:  Package php5-imap is not installed.dpkg: error processing postfixadmin (--install): dependency problems - leaving unconfiguredErrors were encountered while processing: postfixadmin
# apt-get -f install
(dependencies now get installed...)

…. Goes into the Postfixadmin .deb installer thing.

  • Tell it to use Apache2 (in my case) as the webserver,
  • Give it the ‘root’ user’s database password (if MySQL).
  • Tell it to generate a password for the postfixadmin user…
  • Tell it to use the package maintainers version of /etc/postfixadmin/ (well I did).

I think something went wrong for me – as I needed to do this afterwards; perhaps you’ll have better luck.

# mv /etc/postfixadmin/ /etc/postfixadmin/

Next, goto http://yourserver/postfixadmin/setup.php – you should see lots of text saying how it’s updating the database to version xyz, xyz+1 etc.

Choose a password to protect the setup.php page; press submit, and you’ll be presented with a ‘hash’ – copy and paste this into the file – so you get something like this on line 32 :

$CONF[‘setup_password’] = ‘my long hash thingy goes in here’;

Next, create a super admin account, using the setup.php page – remembering to type in the setup password you used to create the hash above.

That’s it.

(Well, now you need to configure Postfix and/or courier and/or dovecot etc etc)

You might want to read my other article which covers this…

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