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Rubbish CV from recruitment company (rant/moan)

Today I received a programmer’s CV from a random recruiter…

Under experience, the most recent entry has a URL provided which points to a login form. ¬†From which I can tell nothing. So, that’s pointless/useless and illustrates nothing.

The second entry under experience points to a Zend framework based site – “I have designed and developed It is a website designed to enable small scale producers to sell directly to the public. The website uses ZF / MySQL / Javascript / jQuery / Ajax and CSS/CSS3”.

Well, he’s scored OK on buzzword bingo from the above.

*Clicks on link*.

*Oh, WTF?*

The site turns out to be :

  • Frames based
  • Contain no real content (clicking on links calls a ‘submitForm(“rah”)’ JS function…. )
  • Be missing error handling (e.g. trying http://sillysite/rah/rah/rah/rah -> PHP exception trace)
  • Clearly based on a quick start tutorial (view -> source etc) due to commented out code embedded within
  • Contain horrible Javascript (worse than mine) (clearly this guy doesn’t actually know how to use jQuery)

From the domain name I can at least discover who the CV belongs to; that seems to be the only benefit of it. But now I know to avoid him.

Oh, and did I mention how under ‘Main Skills’¬†Dropbox is listed.

So, no, sorry… I don’t think I’ll consider hiring you for ~30k+.