Automated twitter compilation up to 16 August 2015

Arbitrary tweets made by TheGingerDog up to 16 August 2015

  • RT “At 6y/o, software dev training began, my dog went missing & I followed his tracks 5mi into the woods. He was in the garage”

    @RebeccaSlatkin 2015/08/13

  • My “new” dell t300 had a bit of an upgrade today (ssd, faster CPU)… Now trying out f2fs for postgresql & mysql. 2015/08/13
  • RT ugh everyone on the bus is on their phone. not like how it used to be. blankly staring out the windows like a psychopath waiting for death 2014/09/26
  • RT I’ve updated OwnStar to also unlock cars from and attack BMW Remote, Mercedes-Benz mbrace, and Chrysler Uconnect. 2015/08/13
  • Annoyingly I always seem to be the most productive about an hour before it’s time to go home. 2015/08/13
  • An unplanned road trip to Aberystwyth. 2015/08/12
  • “I’ll just let this sink in”

    "I'll just let this sink in"  - embedded image


  • It took cracker hackers about 10 hours to find my asterisk server’s firewall was misbehaving. #doh 2015/08/11
  • Second coat of decking paint applied.

    Did I learn my lesson and collect the lid ?

    #fail 2015/08/09

  • I have soft pansy hands. 🙁

    After half an hour of painting I have a blister. #ffs 2015/08/09


    RT DON’T HAVE NIGHTMARES  - embedded image


  • Decking painted. But I failed and left the paint tin lid the other side of the wet paint obstacle…. 2015/08/09
  • RT We know you love these ones #middlelanehogger M6 j14 n/b. Driver reported.

    RT We know you love these ones #middlelanehogger M6 j14 n/b. Driver reported.  - embedded image


  • RT If someone tells you there’s no negative outcome to disabling NCQ on SSDs, check. Because they’re most likely wrong. 2015/08/09

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