Category: sysadmin

  • Using hitch with varnish on Debian Jessie

    I ended up needing to install hitch on a server recently, so the https:// traffic could be routed through Varnish (along with the existing ‘http’ stuff) for performance reasons. The server only runs WordPress sites, so there are WordPress specific things in the Varnish configuration (vcl) file below. Versions: Varnish 5.2, Hitch 1.4.4, Apache 2.4 and…

  • postsrsd monit config

    This might work to configure monit on Debian (Jessie) to monitor postsrsd. check process postsrsd matching “/usr/sbin/postsrsd” group postsrsd start program = “/etc/init.d/postsrsd start” stop program = “/etc/init.d/postsrsd stop” if failed host localhost port 10001 then restart if failed host localhost port 10002 then restart

  • Random wordpress malware

    A customer’s server was compromised ages ago with lots of lots of WordPress malware. The developers are now on top of it, thanks to a combination of : * Removing wordpress’s write permission (moving over to just use SFTP) * Adding maldet (Linux Malware Detection). * Tightening up the firewall so only incoming connections to…

  • adventures with cgroups for resource control

    What? Control Groups aka cgroups – see the docs . Resource control and monitoring. Some examples follow for throttling i/o speed(s) for a process control group (cgroup).

  • Avoiding unnecessary commands in bash….

    Some alternative bash things…. ( avoiding unneecessary use of cat / awk / grep …. )