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BeThere to Sky Broadband

Given BT have finally updated our street cabinet to support FTTC, my home broadband will soon hopefully be moving form BeThere to Sky. The monthly cost remains roughly the same, but I move from about 8mbit to 40mb. I hope. Except, Sky own BeThere. So perhaps I’m not really moving – but this didn’t stop… Continue reading BeThere to Sky Broadband

Encryption / NSA / GCHQ and Open Source software

So, apparently the NSA and GCHQ are able to break some encryption protocols/formats, and have widespread access to Skype / Hotmail / Outlook / Gmail / Facebook etc. I’m not sure why this is thought to be a surprise. It’s their job to do this, right? While I’m not convinced the widespread trawling of data has… Continue reading Encryption / NSA / GCHQ and Open Source software

Spam and Comic Sans.

Today, I received a spammy email from an unknown golf club. There was no obvious unsubscribe link or instructions, so I blindly replied with : Hi, Please remove ‘xxxxxx’ from your mailing list; we’ve no interest in golf… Thanks, David   They replied with : REMOVED OK But it was actually : <FONT color=#0000ff size=4… Continue reading Spam and Comic Sans.

Rubbish CV from recruitment company (rant/moan)

Today I received a programmer’s CV from a random recruiter… Under experience, the most recent entry has a URL provided which points to a login form.  From which I can tell nothing. So, that’s pointless/useless and illustrates nothing. The second entry under experience points to a Zend framework based site – “I have designed and… Continue reading Rubbish CV from recruitment company (rant/moan)

The Post Office

Earlier today, I went to the Post Office in Bromsgrove, to buy some Euros. The conversation I had with the minion behind the counter is paraphrased as follows : Me: Hi, I’d like to buy $x euros, please? Her: How do you wish to pay? Me: By card? <<waves debit card at her>> Her: We’ll… Continue reading The Post Office