bash mysql

Bash / MySQL queries…

Reduce connection counts to MySQL by using an array to get many values at once (assuming they’re single ‘word’ values)

bash development linux

curl, jq and slightly dynamic input to a service

I keep forgetting the syntax for these two things, so there’s a chance writing it here will help me remember. Possibly of use/relevance for: elasticsearch or Debezium….


TP-Link HS110 – controlling from the command line

I have a TP-Link HS110 plug (probably identical to the HS100 … but I thought being able to query it through the app to find out energy usage would be neat …). Anyway, it originally didn’t seem to let me schedule it through the app, so I dug around and wrote a crap shell script […]

bash sysadmin

Avoiding unnecessary commands in bash….

Some alternative bash things…. ( avoiding unneecessary use of cat / awk / grep …. )