Testing Amavis … (mini_sendmail)

Note to self … if you need to pass a “doctored” email into Amavis, that’s running as a daemon on the local computer, without it going IN through Postfix (and getting mangled) ….

Install: mini_sendmail

Assuming Amavisd is listening on, port 10024 for incoming mail (that would normally be fed in from Postfix)

Usage example :

cat test.eml | mini_sendmail -f<smtp-from-address> -s127.0.0.51 -p10024 <smtp-to-address>

like :

cat test.eml | mini_sendmail -fspam@sharklasers.com -s127.0.0.51 -p10024 my@email.address

Obviously Amavis will blindly deliver it back into Postfix, and delivery to my@email.address will be attempted….


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