Automated twitter compilation up to 01 January 2013

Arbitrary tweets made by TheGingerDog (i.e. David Goodwin) up to 01 January 2013

  • I guess I'd better send one of those generic happy new year SMS messages now too……
  • sleep 2930 && echo 'happy new year'
  • (2012/12/27)
  • Caroline rules!
  • RT @cdmh: Someone at Google used a signed int on Santa Tracker & didn't think it through. Santa stealing presents?
  • Ho ho ho. Merry Christmas everyone.
  • Time to put the reindeer food out. #santa #pleaseVisitUs
  • RT @asda: The lengths people go to for the best prices at #Christmas… 😉
  • Oh no! The shops aren't open tomorrow. Panic stations ! Must buy more stuff. 🙂
  • The kids are still asleep at 9am! And still ill. Will they be better by Tuesday, or will I have to write to Santa to call Xmas off?
  • Time to generate the videos from Santa for the kids …
    wednesday 30th January – 9:30-11:30 Bromsgrove school.

    If you are… htt …

  • In Frankie and Benny's a double double stack burger has 3 burgers. 2×2 = 3(!). @aypok has nearly finished one off.
    (2012/12/18, Warwick, Warwickshire)
  • RT @io9: Here's why you shouldn't nuke a hurricane
  • Yucky Sherry. Not trying that again in a hurry.
  • RT @juokaz: iOS Maps took me to a mountain road, eventually resulting in a dead-stuck situation (Car got rescued the next morning) http: …
  • RT @J_Pingen: Google 1 – 0 Apple.
  • Christmas: When you refer to 'whois' domain records to find people's addresses and send them squares of dead tree via old fashioned mail
  • Asda's battered cod fillets contain only 52% fish. So, not far off "batter fillet, with a taste of cod".
  • Come on Nexus 4; Hurry up and arrive before Xmas (Grown ups need a toy to play with on the big day too ….) #google #nexus #nexus4
  • It's school nativity time.
    Now will anyone be recording it on an iPad?
  • RT @AdamSRussell: FFS. It's 12/12/12 not 12/12/12 you silly Americans!
  • Achievement unlocked : sweaty hair icicles!
    10+ km. freezing fog etc.
  • I suppose it's no longer shorts wearing weather #cold #running
  • BT Infinity may be fast, but it's not as reliable as BeThere's ADSL 🙁 #PacketLoss #UDPProblems
  • RT @lanibeno: There's no better feeling than laying next to the one you love while they sleep. Unaware that you love them. Or that you'r …
  • We're on the 16:00 Santa Express, shortly departing from Kidderminster, destination … Err. Lapland ? #SteamEngine
  • Severn Valley Railway + Santa today.
    Will Santa have a real beard? If not, will one of my children notice? Or try pulling it off?
  • RT @GoogleWebStudio: We’re SO annoyed by XKCD today<A>:</a>
  • I don't get the point of left handed scissors and find 'normal' scissors work best.
  • Festive christmas Indian Food (!!!) this morning. Move over mince pies – we've got bhajis, samosas & things. Thx coop!
  • RT @ScottFilmCritic: Whoever stacked these books is both evil and hilarious.

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