Nexus 7 … after one week

I’ve had my Nexus 7 tablet thing for about a week now, here are some of my initial findings :

  1. I find myself turning the wifi/gps/bluetooth off to save battery life all the time – but using a widget makes this easy (under Settings -> Wifi you can tell it to put the Wifi to sleep when it’s in “standby”).
  2. I found the concept of having launch screens and the “Apps”/”Widget” sections a bit weird. After installing things, I expected them to show up on my home screen – but this wasn’t the case. Android stashes them
  3. It makes a good e-book reader 🙂 The £15 of “free” credit Google provided has been well received, and the bundled book reader works well for me.
  4. Live wallpapers – these look great – Paperland is nice to look at!
  5. Google Plus is really nice on the tablet form factor, especially when you’re on the “what’s hot” tab. Facebook’s app is just the normal smartphone app, but expanded – which looks rubbish. Therefore, Facebook–.
  6. It appears I’ve scratched the glass already; time to buy a jacket/cover thing for it :-/ (going to buy one of these )
  7. You need/want to use the MTP protocol to transfer files onto it – trying to this over Wifi (e.g. AirDroid (which is very good) ) is too slow to be practical.
  8. It takes a long time to charge over USB (~10 hours); It’s a lot quicker direct from the mains (an hour or two).


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