Automated twitter compilation up to 26 September 2012

Arbitrary tweets made by TheGingerDog (i.e. David Goodwin) up to 26 September 2012

  • My iPhone’s cellular data use since March 2011: 353MB (Sent) & 1.2GB (Received). Seems to make unlimited data contracts pointless
  • I don’t think giving that ~8 yr old obese girl lucozade is the best idea you’ve had fellow parent.
  • Me: “Who’s the boss of this house?”
    Rowan: “You are Dad!”
    Anya: “Me! Me!”
  • Go buy this – Epicloud – Devin Townsend Project (MP3)
  • Bromsgrove 4xi 0:5 (?) Nuneaton … (Cc @bromsgrovehc ) #hockey
  • Bromsgrove 3xi 3:3 Nuneaton. #hockey (cc @BromsgroveHC )
  • I wish fsck was quicker.
    ( /dev/cciss/c0d0p2 has gone 260 days without being checked, check forced. ) #linux #ServersNeedSSDsToo
  • The children are terribly sick, waiting for a doctor in Bromsgrove General Hospital.
  • Why are all these women smoking in the playground ? :-/
  • The EarPods have arrived; they seem to sound good and feel well stuck into my ears. Shame about the volume of packaging.
  • Thank you @NovavoxVoip for shipping the A400P card so quickly; the cadbury’s bar hidden in the box was a nice surprise πŸ™‚
  • Woohoo… Apple order dispatched. Soon I will be trendy again. For a few seconds.
  • It takes ~1hr from raising a support ticket for it to be assigned to someone who might be able to do something about it. #moan
  • RT @AntiJokeCat: A man walks into a bar. He suffers a fatal concussion and the playground is shut down by local police until proper padd …
  • oooh, the phone has been answered. 41 minutes…..
  • In other news, as the Sangoma U100 FXO USB thing does not work under Linux (Ubuntu), I’ve bought a PCI card now instead #HopeThisWorks #VoIP
  • Hey @ukfast – Can’t your support line’s automated message give me an idea of where i am in the queue? #23MinutesAndCounting
  • Stupid server not coming back up after reboot. Is it fscking? If only ukfast gave me a remote console… #notMyChoiceOfHostingCompany
  • We lost against the 1sts in hockey. #lostCount.
  • Being able to smell your toast, when outside in the car park, may be a bad thing.
  • Next up : Kington show. Lovely day now too πŸ™‚
  • Christmas is coming soon! Stock up on themed sweeties! Countdown at
  • Sssssh Mr Owl. I’m trying to sleep. Stop hooting!
  • I now have @scottsigler‘s #mvp to read. Yippee.
  • I saw this … and thought of you @aypok @moobert
  • RT @BromsgroveHC: Final Reminder! The Pat Ebbutt Memorial Club Day is tomorrow, 12-3pm at Trinity High School. There will be drinks… h …
  • Coo; impressed with how I can “install” an app onto my tabloid from my web browser. Android/Google++ #nexus7
  • Currently trying out @sparkleshare for a customer; is it viable for non-technical users on Windows?
  • Do the Open Innovation Network have more money than sense? Sending a paper copy of an email via express fedex int. delivery – why?
  • RT @BromsgroveHC: Club Day this Saturday 1st September 12-3pm at Trinity High School.
    All proceeds to Cancer Research in memory of Pat E …
  • I’m not surprised that the dodgy PPI scam outfit upstairs (at work) have folded and shut up shop. No more Elephants jumping around upstairs!
  • The children seem to like “The Rhyme Rocket” …. But I’m not sure the significance of poems/rhyming has been noticed yet. #cbeebies
  • Now to test how good a train Evesham country park has.
  • Perhaps I’d better hurry up and buy a Samsung phone now….
  • Random tweet: Two kids racing snails. Kid one “if I take its shell off – will it go faster?”. Kid two “no, it’ll just make it sluggish”
  • M&Ms, digestives, minstrels and choc muffins. That’s breakfast sorted.
  • The children appear to be having a lie in. I wish they’d told me they were going to last night. Inconsiderate youths.
  • Hmm… it’s time for a cleanup cron job when a web app’s log directory takes up 50gb and it’s session files use 8gb. Thanks Magento!
  • Rodents 0: 1 Humans.
  • Dear $developers – if you’re using a revision control system please abstain from commenting out large chunks of code. Just delete it.
  • It seems I’m moving towards forceful upgrades of customer servers which are still on Debian Lenny.
  • I’ve been told to write this on my arm, incase I get lost …. So I can be identified.
  • Me: “Who do you like more, me or Bonzo [dog]?”
    Anya: “Bonzo!”
  • “Rats! Rats! Hear our battle cry …. “(there’s an old school memory there, amongst other things). #NotPetMaterial #NukeFromOrbit
  • Via @GeekStats: Facebook – value at $51 billion – has lost ~$40 billion since its IPO, …. worst performer of all large IPOs on record

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