Automated twitter compilation up to 24 January 2012

Arbitrary tweets made by TheGingerDog (i.e. David Goodwin) up to 24 January 2012

  • A cache miss storm with WordPress and’s config file overwriting led to a crap day for one website today.
  • Someone said I have a bad memory. I’m not sure who though.
  • Hockey: Bromsgrove 3xi 3:2 Old Sils. Another win πŸ™‚ ( cc @bromsgrovehc )
  • RT @Oakley_J: Scrap metal dealers take note: The value of the metal in a pound coin is currently Β£1.08. #madeupstaturday
  • “I want it to still be my birthday!” says Rowan.
  • “Thank you aunty candy “(@moreteadoctor )
  • Today I had to reboot my mouse to get ‘right click’ working again. *sigh*. #apple #magicMouse
  • RT @AndrewBloch: The awkward moment when you break the law you proposed #StopSOPA
  • I support #wikipediablackout! Show your support here
  • Grrrr, software update available for my telly (Sony Bravia) but it doesn’t seem to add Netflix support.
  • Postfix > 2.6.0 I needed : always_add_missing_headers = yes
    to fix missing message-id fields… shouldn’t assume all email has a message-id!
  • “Monsters” 1&2 are sound asleep, gently snoring. Now to look into that postfix problem for work.
  • RT @guardiantech: Toddlers get to grips with app design
  • Lesson of the day: elephant seals are strong swimmers and you shouldn’t invite them into your octopod.
  • I’m wondering why so many people are walking down Bromsgrove high street when nothing is open.
  • Hockey: Bromsgrove 3rd xi 4:3 Pershore. (cc @BromsgroveHC )
  • RT @PalePurpleLtd: It’s amazing how rubbish Orange sales people are on the phone. “it’s out of stock… Phone back tomorrow!”. #LostSale
  • Seven Trent’s website conveniently 404s when you click on “contact details”. That’s one way to stop people phoning you!
  • Evil Google – “Google, what were you thinking?” ← Mocality Kenya via @mocality
  • RT @PierreJoye: PHP 5.3.9 has been finally released! Go update, now!
  • Trying to figure out why someone thought sticking QR codes around a high street to advertise to consumers was a good idea.
  • Ooh Bromsgrove has an electric vehicle charging point. Go us!
  • My hoover is really sucking after cleaning the filter. Now, if only I could banish Monday night’s insomnia….
  • RT @jasoncosta: “Web server software NGINX is now bigger than Microsoft IIS”
  • Why I’m not going to Bungee jump, ever. (ropes break).
  • It seems my little princess no longer needs carrying down stairs. Soon I’ll be redundant. πŸ™
  • How can a four year old be so bad at hiding? Still, it makes my afternoon somewhat easier…..
  • Bromsgrove 3xi 4:2(?) west brom. (friendly). Big thank-you to the stand ins – Nigel, Charlie, Graham & Lawrence πŸ™‚ (cc @BromsgroveHC ).
  • Today I’ve created a Gantt Chart with @ganttproject – so far so good. #FunPackedLife
  • Have the humans delivered their ultimate cup of coffee? …. *ergh* FETID. How dare they present this to me? … Prepare the attack!
  • Good morning octonauts.
  • It seems I wasn’t mistaken when I saw a car with a “real nappy cakes” advert on it the other day. Not my sort of cake.
  • This morning it seems that petrol stations are the place to have domestic disputes. Perhaps there’s something in the air.
  • RT @brucel: Facebook cited in over 2/3 of US divorce cases and 1/3 in the UK via @stoweboyd
  • Eat all your dinner or the octopod goes away…..
  • Happy new year. Wishing you the best of health, wealth and happiness for 2012. (cue 101 SMS’s to ppl and one (cheap) message on twitter)
  • Me: “we need to go into town to look for a present for grandma”
    Rowan: “can we get her an octopod like mine?”
  • RT @snim2: Brilliant read – the state of UK trains: /via @pigworker
  • Perl PHP python bash #code2011
  • RT @deadprogram: What programming languages have you used this year? Tweet using #code2011. Please do it, and RT!
  • Cheese: yummy. Bread: yummy. Cheese and bread together: yucky. #kids
  • RT @vuokko: new year’s resolutions: 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768
  • The Gup A loaded with treasure….
  • I love my children – they pick up their chocolate coins, peel off the foil and force me to eat them.
  • Sofa constructed. Now to find somewhere to dispose of the massive cardboard box.
  • Ikea. It’s stressful.
  • This morning’s run might be a bit slower than recent ones. #biscuits #cheese #turkey #chocolate etc.
  • RT @anya_goodwin: The Gruffalo’s child is the best TV program ever. I can’t stop laughing and pointing!
  • Q. What’s green and bounces around the garden?
    A. A spring onion.
  • Q. Why don’t elephants like penguins?
    A. They can’t get the wrappers off.
  • Lovefilm’s online streaming really is pants (rubbish selection). I’m glad I’m on a free trial. #DefinitelyCancelling
  • Right now, at the North Pole, Santa is drinking this after a hard nights work. (Santa’s Swallie, via @myBrewerytap )
  • It’ll soon be time to put on the new socks and jumper and ride around on the new bicycle. #somethingsDoNotChange.
  • RT @moreteadoctor: Mug, brain cell and MRSA. Is my brother hinting at something?
  • RT @moreteadoctor: Thought I’d been given a lump of poo for Christmas, then I realised it was MRSA. How festive!
  • Oooh. The Gruffalo’s Child is on BBC1 today. BBC++
  • Seeing as it’s a blizzard outside and I’ve got a marathon to walk today, I’d better fuel myself accordingly … chocolate for breakfast.
  • Christmas – when it’s apparently acceptable to smell as if you’ve washed in mulled wine (thank you @MoreTeaDoctor)
  • RT @neiltyson: According to the song, Rudolph’s nose is shiny, which means it reflects rather than emits light. Useless for navigating fog.
  • Cheap ploy to wake someone up on Xmas morning – send a text saying it’s snowed. #snow #Xmas
  • Nom nom. TurrΓ³n for breakfast. #chocolate #pig
  • RT @StormySan: Hi think @thegingerdog‘s present didn’t turn out too badly πŸ™‚
  • I think it’s time to arrange a GoKarting event for @PalePurpleLtd and some hangers on for early Jan 2012.
  • Today is time to panic that you do not have enough presents to give; thankfully(!) Bromsgrove is crap for shopping so it’s too late to fix.
  • RT @_Victoria_T: Urgently seeking #PHP #Developer for permanent position based in #West #Midlands please pass my details to anyone looki …
  • RT @oziesimmons: Xerox is on a list of pro-SOPA corporations. Let the irony of that one sink in for a bit. #copythis
  • DANGER – The supermarkets will soon be shut for ONE DAY! Remember to stock up on the essentials (chocolate, sweets, cheese, wine, nibbles).
  • Now to preempt excessive eating by excessive exercise (10km+ run, Stourbridge rd). It’s a shame our customers for trying to fatten us up…
  • Hopefully the antibiotics will help @rowangoodwin feel somewhat better over xmas #earInfection #crossingFingersAndToes
  • Only 16 new answer-phone messages on my mobile. Oops.
  • I think the chainsaw and pneumatic drill have succeeded in their evil quest. I am now awake.
  • Great karting with MrKarting (nr Leamington spa).
    I was 4th :-/ cold fingers and toes and tired wrists…. Thanks @ukscores
  • It’s raining (lightly) and the roads are frozen. Weeeeeeeee….
  • Server migration complete. That seems to have taken up half of today. :-/
  • Excellent. Another @mybrewerytap box has arrived. Now, do I share it with my
    employees ….
  • Shortcut found to work. It’s now ~2 minutes walk away πŸ™‚
  • “do you wont a window cleaner” … #Bromsgrove #fail
  • Get a free Xperiaβ„’ arc S for Christmas :: Anorak News via @TheAnorak #competition
  • It’s time for the country to grind to a halt. Killer snow pandemic !!
    (2011/12/16, Barnet, London)
  • Today: spectrum, micro, kvstore and eclipse+xdebug (#BBC training). After a nearly 2 year break my brain has refound some useful memories.
    (2011/12/15, Barnet, London)
  • I think if you’re running speed is only a little faster than my walking speed, then you’re doing something wrong.
  • Why do I have trouble sleeping every Monday night ?
  • After seeing the weather alerts on BBC news I’m wondering if parking my car under a tree was the best idea … #NotSureWhereElseItCanGo.
  • Ooh. New release of wordpress (v3.3). It’ll be time to upgrade tomorrow. Thanks for the Xmas present @wordpress !
  • Jeez mobile internet is so slow without 3G. How did we survive on dialup? And in 10 years time what will we deem ‘horribly slow’ – 5mbit?
  • House move complete. It took ~5 hours.
  • RT @mikko: Oops. Maybe nobody will notice.
    /pic via @Forensication
  • Oh, #NewTwitter… again…. meh.
  • “Give blood. Play hockey”. Says the T-shirt I’ve won via @bromsgrovehc‘s raffle.
  • Bromsgrove iix 5-4 vs Kidderminster iix. (friendly). #hockey (cc @BromsgroveHC )
  • Mutter mutter health and safety bollocks mutter mutter. (now to hope I don’t get injured on said icy pitch)
  • Typical! I’m back in Bromsgrove and get a phone call of “Kidderminster are pissed off re cancellation & want a friendly” Back to redditch…
  • Stupid all weather AstroTurf pitch is out of action due to frost. No hockey today πŸ™ #Bromsgrove
  • The christmas spirit has hit the office … And we have (or are) crackers.
  • RT @tapbot_paul: To get back the DM tab in Twitter for iOS just swipe up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.
  • Octonauts Octopod – Β£47 quid on Amazon; Tesco online – Β£35. and Bad Amazon. #SpoiltChildren
  • 45 minutes in the oven at ~200’c is a bit much I guess. #fail #cooking
  • I <3 legacy PHP code (Sql Injection, magic quotes, sprintf etc)
  • Bromsgrove’s shoppers have clearly realised that parking restrictions are not enforced in the coop / retail park car park. #nearlyFull #free
  • RT @schwuk: Stormtrooper Motorcycle Leathers – Awesome, but Scout Trooper leathers would have been perfect!
  • I pickup keys to my new place on Monday – Here’s to hoping I still have a working phone line at home and BT/BeThere haven’t been over eager
  • Sound the octo-alert vegimal style!
  • RT @rowangoodwin: SQUIRREL! Come back down!!
  • RT @WPBhamUK: Next WordPress Birmingham meetup is Weds 7th December, Old Joint Stock, 6.30pm onwards.
  • Ten pin bowling scores: Anya 110, me: 96, Rowan 89.
  • Slowly learning to scroll “the right way” #lion ….
  • Bromsgrove 3xi 1:5(?) Droitwich. πŸ™ ( cc @BromsgroveHC )
  • Using Solr for text searching with WordPress howto – for Debian Lenny – (tomcat5.5 + wordpress 3.x + Solr 3.4)
  • RT @BromsgroveDC: Strike action: customer service centres are operating as normal. #bromsgrove
  • I think I quite like Mockingbird for Wireframe designs/mockups.
  • Hopefully none of my websites are on this list –
  • RT @PalePurpleLtd: Our first android app for the mobile wearable watch – #imwatch – is complete.
  • Now … What’s this about tram lady? Presumably a bit like cat bin woman?
  • I’m surprised they didn’t specify a LED telly, xbox 360 and a tumble drier too….
  • Today on Bromsgrove freecycle “…NEED SOFA, WASHING MACHINE,TABLE &
  • RT @guardiantech: Computer lessons are out of date, admits government
  • In other news, today’s coffee was probably stronger than redbull etc. #buzzing #hyper
  • Yippee. @simplylets are the bestest letting agents eva!!1! #happy #movingBeforeXmas
  • The Life of a Software Engineer – (“This time I will build a solid foundation … Oh, I’ve done it again haven’t I?”)
  • Coo – just found out about sloppy backports – PostgreSQL 9.0 on Lenny “deb lenny-backports-sloppy main” #debian
  • Bromsgrove 3xi 3:2 Evesham (cc @BromsgroveHC) #hockey
  • RT @entrepreneurs4f: We are accepting applications for our next intake! Deadline 30th Nov, apply now to help launch your tech startup ht …
  • Come on estate agent. Phone me back with good news. (hint hint @SimplyLets ).
  • Woke up and had a Nosebleed. I’ve not had one in ages. Hope this isn’t the first of many.
  • Forgetting the passphrase to my gpg encrypted password file isn’t my finest moment…. vim doc/passwords.asc … .oO( err.. oh crap ) πŸ™
  • Alcohol soaked tampons, perhaps not the way forward.
  • RT @bhamsouthpolice: Good morning and welcome to the 3rd Birmingham South Police 24 hour Tweet-a-thon!We are looking forward to tweeting …
  • varnish++ (of the geeky variety, not the girly variety)
  • Denial of Service, the old fashioned approach – coordinated posting of Xmas cards … Take that Royal Mail!

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  1. it’s good to ‘know that’s there more that one ‘David Goodwin in this land. And i found out that the Earl of Wessex ,back in 10:47, was a advisor to king Finuk ,he was the first person reg, means”friend and protector.

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