yum changelog (Want to know what you’re about to upgrade on CentOS/RHEL?)

Want to see what changes you’re about to apply when doing a ‘yum update’ ? Similar-ish to how ‘apt-listchanges’ works…

On CentOS 5.6, try :

  • yum install yum-changelog python-dateutil

Note, python-dateutil seems to be an unmarked dependency – i.e. you get an error message like : “Dateutil module not available, so can’t parse dates” when trying to run ‘yum changelog all updates’.

Note, /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/changelog.conf (but this didn’t seem to need changing to me).

Now you can do :

  • yum changelog all updates
  • yum changelog all mysql-server (or whatever package you’re interested in).


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