Automated twitter compilation up to 30 August 2011

Arbitrary tweets made by TheGingerDog (i.e. David Goodwin) up to 30 August 2011

  • The wp-mobile-detector plugin looks like it’s insecure. Creation of cache/xxxx.php files (binary image containing PHP) … #fail #wordpress
  • Argh! It seems some people still use SCO Unix…. *tears hair out*.
  • RT @slimphp: Just made the “Most Watched Today” list of PHP repos on GitHub! Hello to all the new Slim Framework devs!
  • I nearly just ran over a suicidal dog. That would have made for an interesting start to the day.
  • I’ve just taught my niece what RTFM is.
    Clearly our schools are failing the youth of today.
  • Arrrrrgggggggggh another customer using 1&1….. I hate that control panel!
  • Ooh. Thunder, lightning and lovely rain to listen to in Bromsgrove. Time to get my turbo trainer out I guess.
  • Nom Nom Nom, it’s digestive biscuit day (at work) – and coop had 50% extra free for McVities… nom nom nom nom nom *sugar rush* no nom nom
  • Discovered my bicycle’s rear wheel was quite loose this morning. Wondering if which of the children or minions are trying to sabotage me.
  • In other news, $customer seems to be suggesting he’s going to send some more beer this way… (thanks @mybrewerytap
  • Over the last two days, I’ve wasted ~2hrs trying to do simple stuff in the control panel. Definitely a hosting company to avoid.
  • Want to win a hamper of Italian food? – See for details.
  • Hmm. Can’t quite believe this. I think coop is cheaper than asda for something (nappies). Whatever next.
  • “Thanks” Debian for having an Apache alias of /javascript which confused my app + me. rm /etc/apache2/conf.d/javascript-common.conf
  • RT @PalePurpleLtd: Security tip #2 – Do not assume the 11th field in /var/log/secure contains an IP address; “bob blah blah;blah;blah” i …
  • Wondering quite why a Magento based site stopped being v slow after midnight. Something somewhere is presumably date dependent?
  • Dear customer(s), please do not use your name or domain name as a password. See also
  • Random website ( has under latest news: “Google buys Youtube for $1.6bn”… that was ~2006; #fail
  • Oh FFS now there are FOUR tossers driving noisy quad bikes around Bromsgrove. #chavs
  • Sunday trading hours seem to be a failure in Bromsgrove. Shops advertise as opening, but don’t. High street empty.
  • Went to Brum’s Wagamama last night. It seems to have gone downhill or lost it’s appeal/charm. At least Jamies is next door….
  • Video: US-China Basketball Match Brawl – As US VP Joe Biden Attempts To Build Good Relations – Diplomacy at it’s best
  • RT @madeupstats: Despite their skills on computers, hackers are four times less likely to ‘gain access’ to a girl’s knickers.
  • RT @ezyjules: webOS is dead! Further validation not to invest in teams for second tier mobile OS’s (see Symbian, MeeGo, BlackBerry OS etc)
  • Ooooh Google Plus has games. How did I miss this? Now for the AgeOfEmpires clone (City Of Wonder). Productivity–
  • Join the one million global march to Save the #Amazon @Avaaz
  • UKFast: (adv, profane) refers to sub-standard hosting company. May rely on customers to inform them of service failures. “That’s so UKFast!”
  • find . -type d -empty -delete
    That is all. #cli (delete empty directories)
  • Spot the illusion.
  • The local teenagers seem to be spraying each other with cheap perfume. if cynical I might think there’re perfume sniffing.
  • Time to try and sleep. 5am. Hmm.
  • Stop Cameron’s ill considered social media and Blackberry clampdown! via @openrightsgroup
  • Captain America : good film, good ending. 8/10.
  • Apparently I did 0.3 hours of work in the last week. This might be a good thing.
  • Fuel rep: you’ve got N+400kg of fuel.
    Captain: we have Nkg of fuel
    Fuel rep: do!
    Captain: don’t!
    #easyjet #Fail
  • Easyjet Speedy boarding seems pointless; we’re sitting down in the bus; they’re standing in a chained in bit at the front. #moo
  • BCN -> LPL. #easyjet
  • Must resist laughing at people who are repacking their crap at the airport checkin desk. Or not …. Mwahahahaha
  • In Spain, at 22:35, it’s not too late to use an electric sander. Vroooooooooom. Stupid neighbour.
  • RT @codinghorror: terrible scene from the UK riots — utter mayhem!
  • RT @brumpolice: Recognise any of these people >> Call us on 0800 096 0095 or email: tellus@west-midlands.pnn. …
  • – “give us the legal authority in writing & guarantee of support [for] force and we will sort it by Wednesday tea time.”
  • Aberystwyth after global warming. (Llafranc, Spain)
    (2011/08/07, Palafrugell, Girona)
  • Mojitos at 1am. Apparently: mint + rum + sugar + ice + lime …… and a straw.
    (2011/08/07, Begur, Girona)
  • Hmmm. Pickled chillies. I approve.
    (2011/08/05, Begur, Girona)
  • Champagne (well Cava) factory tour done. Now to stagger back to the train. #codorniu
  • Woolly Mammoth!
    (2011/08/02, Barcelona, Barcelona)
  • Wow. I passed through Liverpool airport’s security scanners without being felt up for a ‘security check’. First time for everything.
    (2011/07/31, Liverpool, Liverpool)
  • RT @raymondh: Thought for the day: most computer problems are caused by a loose nut on the keyboard đŸ˜‰
  • Thundercats 2011 …
  • I’m not impressed Coop. Selling my gone off chicken which was still ‘in date’…
  • Not impressed Ubuntu b0rked my office telephony system by overwriting sip.conf on a package update. git checkout sip.conf FTW. Ubuntu —
  • How did this SSL certificate API .doc get released before it was spellchecked? Not particularly confidence boosting…

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