Automated twitter compilation up to 25 May 2011

Arbitrary tweets made by TheGingerDog (i.e. David Goodwin) up to 25 May 2011

  • Oh look – now we can all laugh at the idiots again – on the 21st of October #Rapture2
  • Pondering the Nottingham/Sherwood Half/Full marathon on September 11th. #ForgottenTheLastMarathonsSufferingAlready
  • ftw.
  • Protip: if you're going to embed wordpress plugin function calls in a theme, please wrap them in a if(function_exists('foo')) {..}
  • Still, I also get to replace wp-super-cache with w3-total-cache … so I'll then also achieve css/js minification. #wordpress
  • Also finally figured out why WordPress 3.1 update ( failed before – RIP:top_categories plugin; fv-top-level-categories FTW.
  • Installed Friendika (PHP web app) for a new customer; #MasterOfAllTrades I am…. I hope.
  • Garden bin full of cuttings and stuff. Half of my poxy garden tamed for a few months.
  • Blitz is a good film. Lots of violence. Shame it's a bit short.
  • Why aren't Ryan Gigg's solicitors suing Google's autocomplete / suggest ?
  • Has anyone seen Jesus today? No ? Oh. How strange! Guess he's running late or something. Perhaps tomorrow… #raptureday
  • DIY done. New bathroom door fitted. An excellent job done, if I don't say so myself. David++
  • Daddy! It's 7 o'clock. Get out of bed right now! (good morning world, I see you still exist…)
  • Wondering how it is that I've had to install SqlServer and so on today. So much for a unix-only company.
  • Me: <<email moaning about neighbour's rubbish>>, Council employee: "I will have the big stick ready". #WheelieBinSaga 🙂
  • Trying to get hold of the Rick Rolling song to compliment the monkeys on the anti-marketing-calls work extension. #asterisk #ftw
  • Well, the neighbours have wheeled their bin back and it's already full from their old rubbish bags #WheelieBinSaga
  • Neighbour's bin after I removed 2 bags (pic). Rowan & I subsequently wheeled it out, and put another 2 bags in my bin.
  • Inappropriate innocent sayings from a toddler #1: "daddy, eat my willy". (this is after I blew lots of raspberries on his tummy and so on).
  • Do I put my neighbour's bin out ?
  • He doesn't mean a thing to me. Just another pretty face to see, he's all over town, knockin em down honey and I'll never let him next to me
  • Tonight I'm living a fantasy, my own little nasty world. Tonight don't you wanna come with me? Do you think I'm a nasty girl. #groovelectric
  • I averaged 4m 33s / km ( over 9km ) Sure I've been quicker. #gettingOld
  • Thank you Harvester (bromsgrove) for the "period pain" you caused me this AM & upset tummies for 2 others. Should've done the Toby carvery!
  • cat and owl living together –
  • @madeupstats: Health scare: Clinical trials have shown that wearing a baseball cap restricts brain activity by as much as 48%.”
  • Wondering if $customer will gain most from my ZF training, or me helping them setup internal dev environments (just say no to FTP kids!)
    (2011/05/16, Sandwell, Sandwell)
  • Is it normal for Windows 'servers' to not have RAID'ed file systems?. Am I spoilt with Linux's s/w raid?
  • My neighbour, the cat man, will not be happy to see one "sleeping" on the road.
  • ERROR: could not access status of transaction xxx
    DETAIL: could not open file "pg_clog/xxx": No such file or directory. Poorly PostgreSQL
  • On the good side of things, I've updated my Zend Framework training materials and included more exercises (zend_pdf, zend_mail, zend_form)
  • "Silly customer" for not vacuuming PostgreSQL database & it needing to run in single user mode. Painful on Windows. (runas etc). *sigh*
  • Mac mini feels snappier with crucial SSD, but i'm not sure it's that big an improvement. Perhaps if it'd cost more I'd think it was better?
  • Anya's birthday is soon (June 16th) – wish list here –
  • Catching up on the restarted @StackExchange podcasts. Thankfully they talk slowly, so playback at 2x speed works well. 🙂
  • I need to print a rubbish collection schedule to give to my useless slovenly neighbours; not being able to open windows sucks.
  • Big important meeting later on. Guess I'd better get to work earlier than 9am.
  • I really need to get to sleep earlier. *sigh*. Still. Work done. Money earnt etc.
  • Customers vm to upgrade / sysadmin tonight and the baby has clearly had more caffeine than me. *bounce* *bounce*. Go to sleep @anya_goodwin!
  • Upgraded work desktop. Maxxed out RAM and changed from HDD to SSD. Looking forward to trying it out tomorrow 🙂 #geek #hardwarePorn
  • Wondering what I'm doing wrong when apc.stat = 1 (or 0) and apache/PHP still reads the files from require_once etc.
  • If only this helpful guy had been in Birmingham last year ( ? ) –
  • Time to try different options with mod_pagespeed soon … And hope it actually behaves soon.
  • Ooh. Googles mod_pagespeed seems to work pretty well. Reduces number of hits on webserver. Google ++
  • Protip: buying a godaddy standard ssl cert? Google for 'ssl', follow link etc – cost £7.68. Go to direct – cost £30+.
  • This is why you're @Aypok (triple burger & bacon).
  • My mother rang to say: "Tell your sister I don't know how to use this twAtter thing…."
  • BBC News – Aberystwyth University backs £9,000 tuition fees –
  • this actually made me LoL -“@guardiantech: The most stupid quiz answer ever? "
  • Geek joke of the day: “A man goes to the doctor and says "Doctor, I'm addicted to twitter!!" The doctor says "Sorry, I don't follow you…"
  • RT: @guardiantech: Social network users have twice as many friends online as in real life
  • Anyway, run done. Now it's time for breakfast. 🙂
  • Bromsgrove council will soon be charging the cars on the a38 for parking between Bromsgrove and Droitwich. M5 south is somewhat broken.
  • It's time to go on a long run, I think. But where to ?
  • Yipee, I have defeated the character encoding gods in both PHP and Python today. (PHP was easy to fix, Python not so). #ReallyNeedToSleep
  • Voted. #yes2av. Now for some swinging.
  • Restore! Rescue! Protect!
  • Rowan said: "Daddy, don't wee on the floor!" …. Err. Thanks son.
  • (2011/05/04)
  • Client: "Website isn't working, I was trying to change some permissions…".

    /root/.bash_history: cd / ; chmod -R 400 bin var sbin etc….

  • Crap; I really didn't mean to leave my email servers set up as an open relay. Clearly rinetd wasn't the fix I'd hoped for… #sadPanda
  • Toddler: "I want Octonauts"
    Me: "No, you didn't go to sleep in your bed"
    Toddler: hides under his duvet, after 10s-"Sleep done, Octonauts?"
  • It seems I'm enjoying "The Time Traveller's Wife" …. I wish my boss would let me go home to carry on reading it.
  • Which to see tonight, Thor or Source Code? #cinema #lazyweb
  • Mother: "I want a surprise for my next birthday…"
  • Thank you Will & Kate for the discouted £1/bottle beer.
  • I can't help but laugh at the royal wedding biscuits and other tat on sale. Still it'll be gone and forgotten soon 🙂
  • (I wonder what interesting news the government will quietly publish today in the hope of it going unnoticed.)
  • Well, I've seen ONE house with bunting on it this morning while running.
  • Grr. Easter eggs are even cheaper today.
  • "No". One of the shortest words. Very hard to use.
  • Stringers IPA (Ulverston Cumbria) is a good beer. @MyBreweryTap ++ (again)
  • Can I resist eating the cadbury's chocolate egg in my bag?

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