Automated twitter compilation up to 20 June 2011

Arbitrary tweets made by TheGingerDog (i.e. David Goodwin) up to 20 June 2011

  • I’m so glad I’m not one of those men who spend half of Sunday polishing their car. My car is washed naturally in an Eco-friendly manner …
  • “ROAR” …. Said the Lion.
  • ” Someone, somewhere, at BBC local news is totally getting fired tonight via @The_mediablog
  • Maybe there is such a thing as a too strong hot chocolate. Or Cadbury’s Options is just rubbish….
  • RT @spolsky: OH NOES, Stack Exchange chat is down while they swap out the drives with SSDs. There is a funny error message though. http: …
  • Wondering why I agreed to goto a business networking thing at unholy o’clock
  • Weird pricing in asda (£999 per 100g of chocolate 🙁 )
    (2011/06/17, Sandwell, England)
  • Marriage in the Bible:
  • Wondering why I was nervous talking at @BirminghamLug … talking too fast / hiding hands / jiggling around… *sigh*
  • At a Linux user group. But none of the presenters are running Linux. @-/
  • I’ve no idea why has sent me a £5 amazon gift voucher but it’s been spent already. Thanks 🙂
  • I’m guessing there’s a new Harry Potter film on its way.
  • You’re better off dead. #funeralhomeslogans
  • RT @ukscores: Take-away deliveries now orderable directly via the hygiene listings on the site through Hungry House. Check out before yo …
  • new public beta: Q&A for gardeners and landscapers
  • RT @loudmouthman: why not drop these faces into facebook and let it tag them for you <grin>
  • Here’s wishful thinking that my neighbour will put their stinky bin out for collection tomorrow. #pigsmightfly
  • My little princess is 1 tomorrow. Time seems to have flown by.
  • RT @StormySan: Back at work again. I’ve missed our crazy clients. Honest >_>
  • RT @Mo_Awkati: My #HNC students putting on event tonight to promote their course at #Halesowen #College please RT to support them http:/ …
  • RT @FellowAtheists: All religious testimony:
  • RT @mhenstell: Who has a DHCP joke for me? I have a DHCP joke for you! Okay tell me your DHCP joke. Okay here it is, enjoy it.
  • RT @sky_atlantic: Great feedback from you all. Only one more episode to go, but fear not as the second season starts filming soon! #Game
  • I’ve just saved myself £100/hour on legal fees … Still daylight robbery.
  • I think I will soon need to apply for a taxi permit.
  • “1 in 4 women will be beaten by husbands.”…”Treat him this fathers day.” <- great newspaper positioning / layout.
  • First pass of The Great Requirements Specification. Now to digest and think some more.
  • I took lunch to work with me, but forgot to eat it. This may explain my hunger this afternoon.
  • RT @BBCBreaking: Head of Germany’s national disease control centre confirms sprouts as source of #Ecoli outbreak that claimed lives of a …
  • Just ran 9.6km in ~40 minutes.
  • I <3 xdebug’s profiler… performance bottleneck found and removed. #xdebug #php
  • RT @jasonrudolph: Google finds it economically infeasible to support IE 6 & 7. You have less money than Google. Apply transitive law her …
  • Good morning everyone.
  • RT @taviso: Should you trust a root CA that couldn’t keep track of it’s own keys? Trick question, you already do.
  • RT @DDog: Just finished listening to @brandg‘s The Hidden Institute. Excellent yarn; highly recommended. or http:/ …
  • Pages of spec read : 2/40. *sigh*.
  • RT @madeupstats: Every day, Britain throws away sufficient food to feed an American.
  • Why do post offices always have long queues ?
  • “Why are we hiding from the police, Daddy?” “Because we use vi son, and they use emacs” – elderly t-shirt rediscovered and on show….
  • 40 page requirements spec has finally arrived, for ‘phase 1’. Hopefully this means we’ll soon get to actually do some work …
  • (2011/06/07)
  • Lodgepark XI vs old ales hockey friendly. 1-1.
  • ‘You must accept the new iTunes terms and conditions before continuing.’ *sigh* #humancentipad oh yes I’m so going to read 81 pages …
  • RT @coates: FWIW, we’re discussing object and array literals in #PHP. This RFC sums up my current proposal: …
  • Dear Google. Please remove the SQL injection hole in your example code.

  • RT @codinghorror: “Half of software engineering is pain mitigation.”
  • This is a good beer – Centurion Ghost Ale – thanks @mybrewerytap
  • RT @pt: The problem with a UDP joke is that you have no idea if people got it. cc @tsaleh
  • RT @azaaza: The great thing about TCP jokes is that you always get them.
  • Builder: drilled 75% through wall and realised it’d be 1m below surface level outside. Perhaps not ideal for an air vent.
  • RT @GeekStats: Poll: 66% of US adults think licensed drivers should be required to re-take their road test once they reach age 65 | http …
  • Updated my google account to use 2-step authentication – see once logged in (i suspect).
  • RT @morty_uk: I am looking for a new job starting in July. Open to ideas. Contract or perm. #python #django #linux
  • I sweat like a pig. Still, ~4.5min/km running over 9.6k. i feel much better now. Turbo training on bike is definitely helping.
  • Just signed up for the Great Birmingham Run (Half Marathon, 23rd Oct). See for details. #running
  • Considering I spend a significant time repairing “features” & discovering “interesting” functionality in inherited code bases #PHP #phpnw11
  • Ought to think of a talk proposal for #phpnw11. Can only think of “the joys of maintenance” #PHP #stupidBrain
  • My bicycle is making new groaning noises, while I use it on my turbo trainer. Grr. What’s going to break this time? Frame? Chain? Pedals?
  • RT @phpwm: Lately in PHP Podcast (via – #PHP #podcast
  • FriendsReunited email unsubscribe page leads to a 404 upon submission. Great stuff. #sarcasm
  • Video of the day: (Been Far?; Meme).
  • Paypal, it’s very nice of you to email me, but please link to the same domain you mention in the text of the email…
  • RT @Trendeh: Poking on facebook .. #leadstosex.
  • RT @jmk: My MacBook was stolen. I haven’t been able to get it back, so I thought I’d post some photos of the guy who has it:

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