Automated twitter compilation up to 04 November 2011

Arbitrary tweets made by TheGingerDog (i.e. David Goodwin) up to 04 November 2011

  • Lets drop tablet PCs out of a ‘copter into villages, then come back 1 year later & see if they can read! #olpc #wtf
  • RT @ThePoke: WHSmith have pulled off a publishing coup
  • Suggestions sought for something to assist internal code reviews (perhaps with workflow support?) keywords: git/svn/php/js/trac.
  • I managed to talk to my sister for 30 minutes. That’s almost a record.
  • That was very yummy sushi for lunch. Strange that the restaurant is pretty much hidden via a random grocery shop.
    (2011/11/03, Camden, London)
  • Off to London. It’s almost as if there’s a conspiracy to stop me being at the office this week.
    (2011/11/03, Solihull, Solihull)
  • Dear neighbours, while I’m not wanting to be judgemental, I really think your “Leigh-un” (18-24 mths?) should be asleep now. Kthxbai.
  • It’s too late to check if this “is the flight to Liverpool?” once you’re on the plane in spain and the doors are shut.
    (2011/11/01, Halton, Halton)
  • Hello Liverpool. I see you greet me with rain.
    (2011/11/01, Halton, Halton)
  • Goodbye Barcelona.
  • Silly Spanish have TVs measured in inches. I wonder if the French do? I thought metric was the way forward and imperial was for us Anglos…
  • RT @grifferz: ♺ @undunc: Do NOT attempt to answer this question – your head will explode
  • RT @OpenRightsGroup: Bytemark donating £3k a year hosting to ORG! Thank you 🙂
  • Time to learn more about Apache solr. #pbc11.
  • Nice to see a presentation using #pbc11 and it’s sponsored my Microsoft.
  • Yummy yummy. #pbc11
  • Stopping every ~25 mins is similar to some anti RSI techniques (forced breaks) (cc/@giorgiosironi) ubuntu has something which helps #pbc11
  • Thanks @giorgiosironi – Pomodoro technique – Good slides/presentation. Interesting stuff. #pbc11
  • Hola Barcelona.
  • While waiting for easyjet to sort out the plane to Barcelona, it seems all my customers want to phone me. Great timing people!
    (2011/10/27, Liverpool, Liverpool)
  • Well, the Richard Grey remix of Thriller was a mistake wasn’t it. #abp-80s
  • The RedCross must think I’m poor or stingy – they’ve sent me two free Xmas cards in the post. Still that’s my mother and sister sorted!
  • The work fridge has been literally filled with Aero yoghurts and chocolate cheesecakes. They fell out as I opened the door #diet #seefood
  • Thanks for killing yourself Dovecot. Much appreciated.
  • Amazon have started to send me emails suggesting Thomas trains, Misty Islands, Diesel Steamworks and more. Peep-Peep-Peep.
  • Looking at the @phpbarcelona conference schedule – it looks good!
  • Wondering why a customer has emailed saying : “…. is pretty urgent lol”.
    Should I reply dropping random ‘lol’s in?
  • The sales droid listened to Nyancat for 3m+; I’ve just been sidetracked into wasting 20 minutes creating a Nyancat iphone ringtone :~\
  • *ring ring*
    “Hi, it’s Tom from FedEx… doing a quick data cleanse, it won’t take long.”,
    “Yes, I’ll put you through”
    *Ext 106 Mr NYANCAT*
  • RT @sussex_police: anyone planning to rise from the dead for Beach of the Dead tomorrow, make sure you respect the city in your hunt for …
  • The Housman challenge. It involves shoes. #Bromsgrove
  • Bromsgrove 3xi vs Aldridge. 1:0 win 🙂 (cc @BromsgroveHC)
    (2011/10/22, Walsall, Walsall)
  • “Ilkley Black” is one of the best beers I’ve had all year; Thank you @mybrewerytap (see and )
  • I <3 ack-grep, now I just need to figure out why WordPress isn’t allowing some image uploads when it /should/ god-damn-it
  • RT @mishacollins: Someone Twitted a petition to outlaw crushing kittens to death. But it’s a slippery slope. Next might we lose our righ …
  • The fix I need for my car glove compartment – ( Thanks to @Aypok )
  • Ended up buying two cheesy twist pastries in Coop for 20p – but I wanted chocolate ones. #fail #PastriesAreCheapAfter7pm.
  • How does mediatemple’s ve hosting pass PCI DSS compliance scans when cpanel on :4643 seems vulnerable (assuming all host servers are equal)
  • Today I ordered an SSD drive to run our work virtual machines off. I’m fed up of waiting for the VMs (mostly windows) to “do stuff”.
  • I think my son is picking up Lenny Henry’s accent from a Cbeebies online flash game (big and small).
  • Bicycle puncture problem solved – tyre is worn out. Stupid thin skinny thing … I miss my mountain bike.
  • Recently on my local freecycle group: “In desperate need of a TV any size or make a flat screen model would be greatful” #sigh
  • Stupid €$¥$ing bicycle has another flat rear tyre. I’m starting to think my rear wheel is dead. Grrrrr.
  • RT @tdmderrin: I’m hiring! Java & PHP Developer / Linux Server Admin at TDM Ltd – Dudley, United Kingdom #jobs
  • Going back to the retrospective NDA – they spelt their company name incorrectly… *sigh*.
  • “Now you’ve done some work for us, could you sign an NDA please?”
    Horse. Stable. Door. Shut.
  • RT @PalePurpleLtd: It’s free beer day ! (thanks @mybrewerytap – selection looks great!)
  • My son has been nagging me to tidy up! #TheWormHasTurned.
  • RT @guardiantech: BlackBerry users in line for $100 worth of free apps in compensation
  • Ordered some new balls for Screwball Scramble; only £3 inc postage – bargain – thank you @TomyToys !
  • “I’m ill…. Trains? Did you say Trains?…. Yes please!!!!”
  • RT @Pewari: Mind you, Siri just offered to remind me that @akrabat is my husband. I hadn’t realised our relationship was that bad…
  • “Inbox — PalePurple mail (david) (666 messages)” I can’t help but think there’s a hint in there somewhere.
  • Students in the sea. Weirdos.
  • Hello Aberystwyth
  • The tit who nearly drove into me while cutting the corner subsequently bashed someone else on another corner he cut 100 metres away.
  • Screme egg? Whatever next ? Nice idea cadburys.
  • Screw ball scramble!
  • Almost sent a quote to a customer where I’d mixed up hourly and daily rates. They almost had a bargain!
  • Sales Droid: “So what do you like most about your current mobile handset”
    Me: “It’s expensive”
    Sales Droid: <KThxBai/>
  • RT @glynmoody: UK gov admits it has *no* evidence “on the scale & nature of infringement of copyright by websites” –
  • What a rubbish showcase(?) for the UK Web design industry – #tables #W3CValidationFail #annoyingPopup @ukwda
  • Ooh. It looks quite likely I’ll be in Rome training (PHP Security) for 3 days soon. #win
  • Wake up @rowangoodwin!!
  • RT @jbrains: int main(int argc, char** argv) { printf(“Goodbye, Dennis.\n”); return 0; }
  • Force-feeding death mother guilty –
  • Client: “Can we just leverage …”
    Me (thinking): isn’t over leveraging what got the economy in this trouble …
  • Seti@home email fail ….
  • I’m surprised “they” still sell bangers for kids to throw around. #fireworks #sortof
  • Co-Op sell a yummy chocolate cherry cheese cake; but – ~50% of daily fat/sugar allowance. Now I want another.
  • Found a ‘:w’ embedded in an SQL query. It’d been there for a year and no one had noticed… oops.
  • It’s a hard morning when the kids sleep in till 8am. #jinxingHimself
  • RT @InjusticeFacts: In the 1970s Nestle killed more than 400,000 children in developing countries by promoting infant formula over breas …
  • RT @PalePurpleLtd: Website updated – we’d love your feedback –
  • My bike’s puncture was from a loose spoke. First time for a loose spoke.
  • My smoke alarm is rubbish. It’s <5 metres away from my sleeping daughter, and it didn’t wake her up when it went off. #ExcellentCooking
  • Have you already submitted your response to new BBC Micro project? Please encourage others in your network as well
  • RT @BytemarkUK: – lots of new features in the latest client/server release including additional IPv4 addresses and …
  • RT @portseven: Have you already submitted your response to new BBC Micro project? Please encourage others in your network as well http:/ …
  • It seems child[0] is having a bad day.
  • Thank you to the #phpnw11 organisers and crew. Excellent conference – it keeps growing each year.
  • Great talk by @scottmac on facebook. Scary data figures, awesome automation and tools.#phpnw11
  • Thank you @PHPWomen for the birthday cake 🙂 #phpnw11 #unconference
  • Failing to understand what to do with the wifi codes at the venue – what network name are they for? #phpnw
  • Arrived at phpnw. <?php echo “Hello all. “; ?>
  • RT @anya_goodwin: Don’t come to bed too early Daddy. If you do I’ll only wake you up at
    midnight for a drink….
  • Crap. My calf feels like it wants to cramp up tonight as well. Grrr.
  • Children asleep. Now for a bit of work and some hot chocolate before I join them.
  • RT @Tom_Messett: Guy buying train coffee. “No lid thanks.” – You have to, it’s health & safety – “I’ve just come back from Afghanistan, …
  • CV arrives in post (sent to v old address), contains, invalid email address (no @) and says he’s interested in his Girlfriend. #wtf
  • RT @NixiePixel: “A train station is where a train stops. A bus station is where a bus stops. On my desk, I have a workstation…”
  • RT @Oatmeal: An iPhone 4s, you say?
  • Time to run across Bromsgrove armed with my hockey sticks. Come on zombies come and get me. #IWillBeReady #apocalypse
  • I can only think of BLUE after seeing this.
    (2011/10/04, Solihull, Solihull)
  • RT @Lord_G_Almighty: Why do people insist on upsetting Jesus by wearing crosses? I bet Princess Diana doesn’t wear a Mercedes Benz penda …
  • Hopefully heading home from London soon. Perhaps I’ll be in time for hockey training this evening 🙂
    (2011/10/04, Camden, London)
  • RT @theJeremyVine: Mystery over this article on Mail website last night, which described in detail events after Knox LOST appeal: http:/ …

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