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Category: linux

  • (re)building varnish modules

    Automated rebuilding of varnish modules using docker …

  • AWS vs Azure … round 1, fight!

    So, for whatever reason, I need to move some virtual machines and things from AWS (EC2, RDS), to an Azure. I have a few years experience with AWS, but until recently I’ve not really used Azure …. Here are some initial notes…… AWS tooling feels more mature (with the ‘stock’ ansible that ships with Ubuntu […]

  • rsyslog filtering (with loggly)

    Filtering rsyslog output being sent to loggly (e.g. from an apache imfile input)

  • First steps with a Pixelbook

    So, my 2009 MacBook Pro decided to slowly die … and after dithering for about 3 years over what to buy to replace it …. I chose a Google Pixelbook (i7 variant, 500Gb NVME disk etc) (via eBay)…..

  • Using hitch with varnish on Debian Jessie

    I ended up needing to install hitch on a server recently, so the https:// traffic could be routed through Varnish (along with the existing ‘http’ stuff) for performance reasons. The server only runs WordPress sites, so there are WordPress specific things in the Varnish configuration (vcl) file below. Versions: Varnish 5.2, Hitch 1.4.4, Apache 2.4 and […]

  • curl, jq and slightly dynamic input to a service

    I keep forgetting the syntax for these two things, so there’s a chance writing it here will help me remember. Possibly of use/relevance for: elasticsearch or Debezium….

  • postsrsd monit config

    This might work to configure monit on Debian (Jessie) to monitor postsrsd. check process postsrsd matching “/usr/sbin/postsrsd” group postsrsd start program = “/etc/init.d/postsrsd start” stop program = “/etc/init.d/postsrsd stop” if failed host localhost port 10001 then restart if failed host localhost port 10002 then restart

  • Intel NUC6i7KYK with Debian Jessie

    Random notes from installing Linux on it … it does just work – but ….

  • compiling a vanilla kernel to a .deb

    As I keep losing this…. Creating a .deb kernel package from a vanilla kernel : wget tar -xf linux-4.4.24.tar.xz cd linux-4.4.24 cp /boot/config-whatever .config Optionally: edit and set: CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO=n to stop the *dbg* package being generated make olddefconfig make deb-pkg -j6 LOCALVERSION=-dg1

  • BTRFS file deduplication with bedup

    Bedup is a tool that can scan and deduplicate an existing btrfs filesystem.