Virtualbox 4.2 VM autostart on Debian Squeeze & Wheezy

One new feature of VirtualBox 4.2 is that it has support for auto-starting vm’s on bootup of the host server (via init etc). This means I can remove my hackish ‘su – vbox -c “VBoxHeadless –startvm VMName &”‘ additions in /etc/rc.local, and the VM’s will also hopefully be terminated gracefully on shutdown.

The docs/guides online which I could find were a bit cryptic, or incomplete, so here’s what I ended up doing :

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Migrating an ext3 filesystem to ext4 (Debian Squeeze)

Interestingly (well, perhaps not really) this is very easy.

In my case, I’m hoping that the migration will lead to faster fsck times (currently it’s taking about an hour, which is somewhat excessive, each time the server crashes for whatever reason).

In my case, the filesystem is /dev/md0 and mounted at /home – change the bits below as appropriate.
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fsck -y (or fsck yes…)

Tip for the day:

Edit /etc/default/rcS on Debian/Ubuntu servers, and set FSCKFIX=yes (default of no) so next time your server runs fsck at startup, and spends hours doing it to only moan when it finds an error, and tells you to waste more time by running fsck with ‘-y’ (to fix it).

Quite why fsck even asks me to say ‘yes’ to it’s “do you want to fix…?” questions is another matter. It really annoys me – it’s not like I have enough information to make any sort of informed choice – it’s not like I know the structure that’s present on the disk, in order to say “No! You’re wrong FSCK, inode xxxxx should be blahblahblah”. I can only say ‘yes’.

If only FSCKFIX=yes was the default setting….. I can’t imagine Windows or OSX ever asking someone to answer such questions.