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  • Asus PN50 Desktop review

    A few weeks ago I bought an ASUS PN50 as a new desktop (to replace an aging Intel Skull Canyon NUC, which was starting to crash once a week – presumably with a hardware fault). I’d given up waiting for Intel to release a new NUC version – but of course a few weeks after […]

  • Automated twitter compilation up to 05 July 2020

    Arbitrary tweets made by TheGingerDog up to 05 July 2020

  • fsck -y (or fsck yes…)

    Tip for the day: Edit /etc/default/rcS on Debian/Ubuntu servers, and set FSCKFIX=yes (default of no) so next time your server runs fsck at startup, and spends hours doing it to only moan when it finds an error, and tells you to waste more time by running fsck with ‘-y’ (to fix it). Quite why fsck […]