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  • Script to fix NFS (Debian Squeeze + Backports bits)

    I have a NFS server running Debian Squeeze. Additionally it’s using the 3.2.x kernel from backports, and the nfs-kernel-server from backports too. Sometimes NFS breaks, and gives helpful messages like : mount.nfs: connection timed out or just: Stale NFS handle on clients.   While I’m confident that my /etc/exports and other configuration files are correct, […]

  • netstat –tcp -lp output not showing a process id

    I often use ‘netstat –tcp -lpn’ to display a list of open ports on a server – so i can check things aren’t listening where they shouldn’t be (e.g. MySQL accepting connections from the world) and so on. Obviously I firewall boxes; but I like to have a reasonable default incase the firewall decides to […]