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  • docker-ce + Debian Buster + iptables

    docker doesn’t work on Debian Buster by default, thanks to nft …

  • Squid 3.4.x for with transparent ssl proxying/support for Debian Wheezy.

    I needed  a variant of Squid which supported transparent SSL interception (i.e via iptables redirection) so I could log outgoing HTTPS requests without the client being aware. The stock wheezy variant doesn’t support SSL (see : Debian Bug Report). Even after recompiling Wheezy’s squid3 it didn’t seem to work (perhaps my stupidity) so I ended […]

  • Fail2ban filter for WordPress

    With the annoying brute force wordpress hack going round, one way to protect your site(s) would be to use fail2ban, with a configuration something like (which I’ve shamelessly lifted from ). The below seems to be working, and given it’s relative simplicity it’s obvious how you’d go about changing to protect other POST based scripts […]