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  • Automated twitter compilation up to 18 January 2015

    Arbitrary tweets made by TheGingerDog up to 18 January 2015

  • Some good news

    This morning I ran 3 miles. This is good. I can now run again. Stupid Achilles tendon appears to be fixed again. I’ve felt like a fat slob over the last 11-12 weeks, missed a marathon and rediscovered cycling. Lesson learnt: Next time my Achilles tendon goes (as no doubt it will knowing my luck), carve it out with […]

  • August 2010

    I would start with saying that not a huge amount happened in August… but then having thought about it, I’d be lying. My right ankle is still in a state of disrepair – after hurting my achilles tendon … so no running, and I’m feeling fat / unfit as a result. I have got my […]

  • Running routes

    I’ve used for years now (See e.g. ). However, today Chris pointed me at – which does a far better job of plotting routes (e.g. auto-follow road; calorie guess-timation etc). Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to allow the public to see who plotted a route – or see any other information about a […]