Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

  • What a beautiful day. #
  • Need more sleep. 4am is not wake up time toddler. And just leave me be while you play with Lego. /please/ #
  • The dog has had bacon and mince for tea. I hope I eat as well. #
  • Looks like the funky new car park crap at asda #bromsgrove is failing. #
  • Time to run a new route… Longer and harder hopefully. #
  • Thank you Aubrey for #
  • Bad memory day. Totally forgot about hockey until 15 mins ago. #gettingold #
  • "Yesterday – in just one day – 6,000 UK citizens emailed their MPs" from the Open Right Group it looks like people want to debate #debill #
  • I jumped into the river, too many times to make it home, I'm out here on my own, drifting all alone.. Gnr Estranged; time to find new music #
  • RT @Greenpeace: @Nestle's answer to our video was to have it removed? never heard of Streisand Effect #kitkat #
  • I think I'm in a weird mood this morning. Must be the dogs fault. #
  • Turn around b1tch I've got a use for you, besides you've got nothing better to do. And I'm bored! #gnr it's easy. #
  • Why are Bromsgrove pavements covered in dog poo? Why is Patch wee'ing on the door matt? All this + more won't be answered in the next tweet #
  • RT @38_degrees 38 Degrees | Don't rush through extreme web laws #
  • RT @doctorow: If 10K Brits ask MPs to debate Digital Economy Bill, it'll probably die! 1K did ystdy! #debill #
  • I really ought to get up now and run. #
  • Yey; broadband works earlier than expected; 10mbit downstream too. *happy* #
  • Ooh expensive new parking thing in operation at asda #bromsgrove wish they'd spend the money on potholes and the high st. #
  • Will I ever tire of gnr's estranged ? Perhaps tomorrow… I just need a drum kit and guitar, oh and being ably to sing without causing GBH #
  • Rule number one: don't wake a toddler up early. Persuade them to sleep as long as possible. #
  • Neighbour with car alarm going off may either have no car or no friends tomorrow. #
  • Still no Internet. We're all playing games now. As we just *can't possibly* do anything without the 'net. Obviously. #
  • Still no Internet. Boo. #
  • Internet fail day. Grrr. (bad bethere) #
  • #running #bromsgrove – entries online etc. #
  • DAB radio++; not quite sure what the fuss about BBC Radio 6 Music was for though (they cost 26 quid in @asda) #

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