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  • Asus PN50 Desktop review

    A few weeks ago I bought an ASUS PN50 as a new desktop (to replace an aging Intel Skull Canyon NUC, which was starting to crash once a week – presumably with a hardware fault). I’d given up waiting for Intel to release a new NUC version – but of course a few weeks after […]

  • Intel NUC6i7KYK with Debian Jessie

    Random notes from installing Linux on it … it does just work – but ….

  • More monitors.

    I have an Intel NUC d54250wyk as my work computer (it’s a little dinky thing, which somehow manages to pack a reasonable punch). On board it has a mini-hdmi port, and a mini-display port – which I used for a dual monitor configuration. But two monitors is so last year …. and after 5+ years […]

  • Installing Debian (Jessie) on an Intel NUC D54250WYK

    Product – D54250WYK / boxd54250wykh3 – via e.g. Ballicom or eBuyer It’s an Intel i5 4250U processor (dual core, laptop processor). Supports up to 16gb of RAM and the Intel 5000 graphics thing in it. The box itself is really small – and silent. A laptop size hard disk can fit into it (2.5″ hdd). Issues : BIOS needs […]